Got Zoom fatigue? Tips and solutions of what to do:

Video calls have become the new normal, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. Zoom can be more draining than face-to-face interactions, which for many comes as a surprise. So why do we get so exhausted being virtual, and how do we manage Zoom fatigue, tips and solutions given here:

Firstly, looking at a screen isn’t what our eyes were made for. Digital eye strain is partly caused by the fact that we don’t blink as often when we stare at the screen. And that’s the point – we STARE at a screen. The intense focus, plus the impact of blue light, means short-term problems like trouble falling asleep and dry and achy eyes. Plus potential long-term damage to our eyes.

How do I stop my eyes from hurting using Zoom?

One answer is simply to look away.

If you like numbers and ritual, use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, shift your eyes to look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Nature is the best thing to look at. If I can’t get out for a few hours, I’ll bring nature to me in a tree bundle or handful of wildflowers.

Even better, close your eyes.

Meditation, you don’t need me to tell you, is amazing. Check this one out for a short but powerful moment of looking in rather than looking out.

Use another sense:

When we stare at zoom, we might be typing or twiddling or jiggling our legs, but we’re really only utilising a few senses and often in a kind of dull, distracted way (I’m thinking of those 2 hour-long meetings that require your presence but not your input). Feeling the shape of an apple or experiencing its taste in your mouth can bring you back to fullness.

zoom fatigue symptoms

What does Zoom do to your energy?

You’re tired because your eyes and brain are doing a lot of work to interpret digital images; everything is up in your head. This results in what I sometimes see as a ‘floating head’ – disembodiment. Grounding is the process of feeling our feet on the Earth and reconnecting with the roots (by literally visualising roots) to bring our whole body into alignment. The impact of these simple practices is huge. Even the most advanced psychics and healers need to ground. Here’s how.

Zoom is an energy sucker, but it’s also an energy explosion. We often think of exhaustion as taking something from us, but it’s often also the energy we’re taking on. When you use Zoom, you’re bringing other energies into your home. Energy doesn’t know time and space, so even via the screen, you’re inviting other people’s energies (and everything from their space) into your own space. Imagine inviting your boss into your kitchen for an hour. Then they leave, and you open your lounge for 3 clients. Then one of their dogs walks in. Two hours later, you’ve got a whole conference in your bedroom…you get the picture.

If you’re not in a designated office or workspace, you’re letting energy into somewhere else. Avoid working where you sleep and ideally have a designated workspace that you can intentionally clear afterwards. And try to avoid moving around the house. Moving from room to room might feel like a good change of scene, but it drags the energy and heaviness around your house.

Space clearing is essential to disperse any unwanted energy that’s crept in through your screen. Here’s our popular post – 7 Steps to Space Clearing your Home.

And finally, energy needs healing. A great thing about Zoom is that energy healers can work well through Zoom. Our resident healer, has been working with clients throughout the pandemic.

People feel more comfortable at home, so they relax, which is great for healers to work with.

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What can we do to stay well in these virtual times? Zoom fatigue tips and tricks:

A quick summary of ways to prevent and combat Zoom fatigue, tips and solutions:

  1. Space clearing any area you’ve worked in before you transition back to your space as a home
  2. Schedule time away from your screen. I recommend 1.5 hours in the middle of the day away from the screen.
  3. Practise grounding and protection at the beginning of the day and as often as you feel disconnected.
  4. Book an energy healing to get some support in pushing out what you don’t need and bringing in what you do.
  5. Make friends with nature. If a long walk or tree hug isn’t possible today, pick up a few branches when you’re next out and keep them near your desk.

And finally, take a breath and remember that the times we live in are really tough. Moving everything to Zoom felt like a natural, easy transition for many of us, but it was still an answer to a hugely difficult scenario. I still feel the energy in our world is buzzing with anxiety and heavy with tiredness.

I hope you find something to make a positive change in your life today xx