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• Need to get out of your head and into your body?

• Tired of being tired?

• Finding it difficult to de-stress and find ‘downtime’?

The Wellness Foundry offers private yoga classes in London. In addition to special events, retreats and workshops.

There are three styles provided: Yoga Tarot, a world exclusive that uniquely blends tarot with yoga; a dynamic, energizing practice of Vinyāsa; and a restorative, deeply calming sequences of Yin yoga. So whatever your needs, there is something perfect for you.

What is Yoga Tarot?

Yoga Tarot is a world exclusive tfromThe Wellness Foundry. Created by me, this sequence uses the archetypes of the tarot to inform yin yoga poses. In turn, I explain each card’s symbology, how it links with a particular pose and give mantras and reflections.

What is Vinyāsa?

Vinyāsa refers to two things:

First, it describes the transition between poses in yoga, accompanied by regulated, mindful breathing.

Second, it’s a form of yoga in which vinyasa movements form a continuous, flowing sequence in coordination with the breath.

What is yin yoga?

The basis of Yin-yoga is the Taoist tradition of yin & yang, that is to say, the opposite and complementary principles need to be in balance.

It is a ‘cooling’ practice, which allows time and gravity to take you deeper into poses, not pushing yourself into them.


Upcoming Events and Workshops:

Currently The Wellness Foundry does not offer a regular studio class. However there are plenty of retreats, classes and workshops in-and-around London. To discover the next upcoming event, click here.

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Private Yoga Classes in London:

1-2-1 sessions are available either in your own home or at selected studio spaces convenient to you. Please note studio sessions prices may vary.

Price List: sessions based on 1 hour

* £70 for the first 1h15m session. This is discounted back to you on the purchase of a bulk sessions

*5 sessions: £325,- | £65/session

*10 sessions: £600 | £60/session

* Option for an additional participant: £10pp/session

Email here for bookings or enquiries.

Yoga Benefits:

Making yoga part of your a life will make you feel:

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Combats fatigue
  • Greater concentration and focus
  • Boosts the immune system | Less susceptible to illness
  • Stronger: physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Greater flexibility and counteracts poor posture
  • Increased mobility
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