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Quiz: What Type of Healing Do I Need?

This quiz is designed to help you determine what types of healing you need. We know healing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it should be as individual as you are.

Bespoke healing

Each person heals differently, which is why there are multiple types of healing. Each individual will resonate with their own type of healing. What may have worked for a loved one may not be appropriate for you

That’s why at The Wellness Foundry, we offer 4 types of healing. But knowing what types of healing you need can be overwhelming or confusing, as some don’t even know where or how to start.

Identifying what type of healing you need

Finding the best healing modality can be a challenge for some, as many lack understanding what healing is, what healing is not, and what each type of healing entails.

The first steps to finding the most appropriate and effective type of healing is identifying what needs healing, and why it needs to be addressed.

In addition to finding out what needs addressing, identifying the most appropriate type of healing with also ensure that you will have a healing experience that you are most comfortable with. Some of our clients may be find physical touch to be therapeutic, while others may prefer their personal space.

Pinpointing what needs healing

Finding out what needs healing start by asking the right questions. These questions are designed to pinpoint what needs to be healed within. It also improves self-awareness and mindfulness of our behaviours.


So, we’ve created this quiz to guide you. Just answer these 7 simple questions honestly and discover what offering is best for you:

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