Why is Grounding Important?

Before I set up The Wellness Foundry, I always struggled with grounding. So much so that it was one of the main reasons I ended up in hospital. I wish someone had explained the benefits of grounding to me back when I was starting my spiritual journey. It would have saved me from feeling a lack of control and much uncertainty.

This is why I believe it so important to share my discoveries and understanding here:

Being ungrounded is a widespread problem for my clients. And it’s hardly surprising. In an age where we’re continually plugged-in, over-stimulated and analytical thinkers, we’re bound to be racing around and rarely still. My meditation teacher once described most people as having “dragonheads on snake bodies”. In other words, we’ve become so disconnected from ourselves and stuck in our heads that we’re losing a sense of groundedness.

How to ground

What is grounding?

Grounding divides into three main principles:

    • Being connected to the ‘here and now’, i.e., being present
    • Being connected to your physical body
    • Being connected to Mother Earth

We all have that friend who’s constantly running around everywhere, dropping this and generally a bit clumsy. And they assume they can do an hour’s task in ten minutes! Because they’re not present and aware; instead, they’re very much in their head and thinking about the future. They’re a perfect example of someone who isn’t grounded.

From a scientific perspective, the Earth is electrically conductive and carries a mildly negative charge. Therefore, direct contact with the Earth evens any positive charge that builds up in the body. As a result, touching the ground neutralises the internal bioelectrical environment. These electrons also offset reactive oxygen involved in the body’s immune and inflammatory responses.

Due to our fast-paced urban living, regular proximity to nature is becoming increasingly more challenging to do in the modern world. And this is harming our health because we cannot discharge a positive electrical build-up.

In spiritual terms, grounding is our contact with Mother Nature. Understanding the natural rhythm of life and our impact on the environment.

Grounding also governs your lower three chakras. Most assume that grounding only relates to the base chakra, and although it is the primary association, it can affect our entire energetic system. Think of your base chakra as your energetic recycling plant: it disposes of used-up energy and draws in new, fresh energy from the earth. If you are not grounded, you cannot effectively eliminate your energetic waste product, and this causes long-term issues.

Signs that you are ungrounded:

Here is a list of what feeling ungrounded can be like:

  • Sense of being airy and light-headed
  • Often ‘spaced out’ and finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Poor timekeeping
  • Suffering from tiredness and lethargy
  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Lower leg aches and pains
  • Reduced physical pleasure
  • Low sex drive

If you’re unsure as to whether you’re ungrounded, take our quiz: Am I Grounded?

So, we’ve looked at some of the pitfalls of what not being earthed can be. But what are benefits of grounding yourself? Here are some of the many grounding benefits:

Physical benefits of grounding:

• Reducing inflammation

• Reducing chronic pain

• Improved Sleep and reduced snoring

• Increased Energy

• Lowering stress and promoting calmness by lowering stress hormones.

• Stabilising biological rhythms, including circadian rhythm (great for counteracting jetlag)

• Levelling blood pressure and blood flow

• Relieving muscle tension and headaches

Mental health benefits of grounding:

  • Increased sense of security and stillness
  • Being less reactive
  • Clearer-minded and able to make better decisions
  • Reduce the chances of catastrophising
  • Less anxious

Spiritual benefits of grounding:

  • Increased connection to Spirit
  • Clearer and more accurate messages (more downloads)
  • Better equipped to navigate challenging energies of sitters
  • Great affiliation and sympathy with Mother Earth


how to ground yourself mentally

How to ground yourself: 7 Simple Techniques

Here is a list of ways of how to ground yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically that really work:

Stand your ground, literally.

A problem with modern living is that the soles of our feet are rarely in contact with the earth (hence the commonality of being ungrounded). Therefore, place a leaf under the bottom of your feet, in your socks or shoes. This means that you are in constant contact with nature. Alternatively, go for a walk in the wilderness. Somewhere you can take your shoes and socks off and get in touch with the grass and soil.

Because you have smaller chakras in the soles of your feet, which connect to the base chakra, you must keep both feet on the ground when sitting in a chair. Resist the urge to cross your legs or lift your heels from the ground.

Go nuts!

One of my favourite methods is to massage a mix of nut oil, such as sesame oil and salt, on my feet. It might sound strange, but it works! Be sure to use unprocessed salt, and remove any excess from your soles afterwards with a towel.

Grounding with crystals.

Crystals are literally from the earth, carrying a highly grounding energy. Carry one in your pocket throughout the day. Or place them near or under your feet as you sit at your desk.

What are some grounding crystals? Tourmaline, red jasper or carnelian are personal favourites. As a rough rule of thumb, black and red-coloured crystals are best for grounding.

Sleep on it: buy a grounding sheet.

Not only is it increasingly more challenging to connect ourselves with nature, but we no longer sleep on the ground as we once historically did. Therefore, I suggest purchasing an earthing blanket. What is a grounding sheet? It’s a cotton sheet with conductive silver fibres woven through it. These conduct the same mild negative charge as the earth, thus emulating the earthing effect whilst resting.

These are not cheap, starting at around £100 ($130), but I swear by them. It has made a significant improvement to my sleep patterns.

Guided meditation

Any meditations or visualisations that begin in nature are particularly grounding. One easy method is to see yourself walking a forest path or sitting in your favourite garden. Suppose you can imagine the sensation of grass beneath your feet and hear sounds of nature, all the better. There are also some great guided grounding meditations on YouTube and the like.

Run with it or bounce!

Finally, any physical activity that gets you working with the land is great for grounding. Gardening is a great example. So too are yoga, tai chi and Qigōng, as they combine working with energy and firmly planting your feet on the ground.

Another technique that my Reiki Master friend showed me is to stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart with your knees slightly bent and unlocked. Place both hands over the stomach and gently ‘bounce’ for around three minutes. This method sends the energy down through the legs and gets you to feel your body. I find it especially helpful in stressful situations, or at times I feel particularly ‘heady’.

Book a spiritual energy healing

Sometimes you can have energetic blocks that restrict your ability to ground correctly. These blocks can arise for many reasons, from physical injury, unresolved emotions or your environment. The best way to overcome this is by booking a spiritual energy healing. A qualified healer will be able to identify these blocks and dissolve them for you in a gentle, nurturing way.

For those using grounding techniques for psychic work and mediumship:

Before embarking on any intuitive work, it’s standard to visualise roots extending from the soles of the feet down to the centre of the earth. This meditation ensures you are grounded and centred enough to do the work effectively. Indeed, I have used this technique for many years.

But I’ve since discovered it works better to imagine these roots coming from the base chakra, down my legs and then from the soles of my feet. Additionally, visualise these roots as deep red in colour. These changes have transformed my grounding work. It now feels more stable and rooted. Also, it’s given me more accurate messages in my intuitive work.


root chakra problems

If you’re doing more advanced spiritual work, such as channelling or trance, there is an additional technique to try. First, envision the roots coming down through the right leg only. The right side is your active, giving side, hence why you send it down from here first. Second, direct these roots down to the earth’s centre through a crystal cave. These crystals will be a shape, colour and material that is unique to you. Finally, bring these roots back up through your left foot–your passive and receiving side. This exercise creates a secure, anchoring grounding circuit that is unbreakable.

We’d love to hear your questions and experiences with grounding. Leave a comment below.