The Importance of Grounding

I have always struggled with grounding. So much so that it was one of the main reasons I ended up in hospital for five days. This was also not helped by my meditating for nine years, continually sending the energy up into the heady experiences of the mind, and rarely reconnecting down to earth.

Ungroundedness is a widespread problem with my clients of Reiki. Indeed, this is why almost all Reiki healings start at the head and work down to the feet: to ground the recipient. And this common problem is hardly surprising. In an age where we are continually plugged-in, over-stimulated and analytical thinkers, we are bound to end up ‘top heavy’; my meditation master once described it as ‘dragonheads on snake bodies”.

Therefore, grounding is something that I have to have to work at and spend much time exploring. This is why I have created a comprehensive list, containing useful information and methods around grounding.

Put in the comments below ? your own experience and any fun/helpful techniques you use to ground.

How to ground

What is Grounding?

From a scientific perspective, the Earth is electrically conductive and carries a mildly negative charge. Therefore, direct contact with the Earth evens out the positive store that builds up in the human body, neutralizing the internal bioelectrical environment. These electrons also offset reactive oxygen involved in the body’s immune and inflammatory responses.

To summarize, if we don’t have regular contact with nature and the ground – which is becoming increasingly more difficult in the modern world due to rubber-soled shoes and urban living – our health becomes affected due to this positive electrical charge.

If we look at grounding in Spiritual and energetic terms, it is our contact with Mother Nature. It governs the lower three chakras (not just the base chakra as is commonly misinterpreted, although the Muladhara is the primary element and association) and is therefore essential for a harmonious energetic system.

Signs that you are ungrounded:

  • Feeling airy and light headed
  • Often ‘spaced out’
  • Suffering from tiredness and lethargy
  • Lacking concentration
  • Reduced phyisical pleasure
  • Low sex drive

airy and light headed, spaced out, tired, lethargic and lacking concentration

Physical benefits of Grounding:

• Reducing inflammation
• Reducing chronic pain
• Improved Sleep and reduced snoring
• Increased Energy
• Lowering stress and promoting calmness by lowering stress hormones.
• Stabilizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm (great for counteracting jetlag)
• Levelling blood pressure and blood flow
• Relieving muscle tension and headaches

Spiritual and Intuitive benefits of Grounding:

  • Increased connection to Spirit
  • Clearer and more accurate messages (more downloads)
  • Better equipped to navigate challenging energies of sitters
  • Great affiliation and sympathy with Mother Earth

 how to ground yourself mentally

Grounding techniques that really work:

Here is a list of ways to grounding that I have discovered through a process of trial and error:

Stand your Ground, Literally.

A problem with modern living is that the soles of our feet are so rarely in contact with the earth (hence the commonality of being ungrounded). Therefore, place a leaf under the bottom of your feet, in your socks or shoes. This means that you are in constant contact with nature. Alternatively, go walking in the wilderness, somewhere where you can take your shoes and socks off and get in touch with the grass and soil.

One fantastic method I have discovered recently is to rub nut oil on my feet. Sounds strange I know but it really works! Simply massage any nut oil (sesame is my favourite, but any will do, such as almond or peanut oil) and unprocessed salt into your feet, and then remove any excess with a towel.

Get an Ash Tray!

If you do not have ready access to nature (i.e. you live in an urban environment) one thing you can do is keep a tray of earth or ash in your home. Once a week or more, place your bare feet into the soil, for 15 minutes or so. Be sure to aerate the soil and replace every two months as a minimum.

You can also store grounding crystals, such as Tourmaline, Red Jasper or Carnelian within the earth, this not only recharges the stones but also charges the soil, so that it is even more grounding (full guide to crystals in m other post here).

Sleep on It: Buy a Grounding Sheet.

Not only is it increasingly more challenging to connect ourselves with nature, but also we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past. So I suggest that you purchase an earthing throw or blanket. This is a cotton sheet with highly conductive silver fibres woven throughout. These conduct the same mild negative charge as the earth, thus emulating the earthing effect whilst you rest. These are not cheap, starting at around £100 ($130), but I swear by them. It has made a significant improvement to my sleep patterns.

Guided Meditation

Any meditations or visualizations that begin in nature are particularly grounding. One easy method is to see yourself walking a forest path, or sitting in your favourite garden. If you can imagine the sensation of grass beneath your feet and hear sounds of nature, all the better. There are some also great guided grounding meditations on YouTube and the like.

Run with It or Bounce!

Finally and physical activity that gets you working with the ground is obviously going to be good for grounding. Yoga, tai chi and Qigōng are especially fantastic grounding practices. Another technique that I was shown by my Reiki Master friend is to stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart, bend the knees slightly, so they are unlocked. Place both hands over the stomach and gently ‘bounce’ for three or so minutes. This method sends the energy down through the legs and really gets you to feel into your body. I find it very helpful in stressful situations or at times I feel particularly ‘heady’.

For those Using Grounding Techniques for Intuitive and Mediumistic Work:

It is a conventional technique to visualize roots extending from the soles of the feet down to the centre of the earth; indeed I used this technique for many years.

But I have since been advised to imagine that these roots are growing from the base chakra, down my legs and then from the soles of my feet. Additionally, these roots should be visualized as deep red in colour. This has transformed my grounding work. It feels more stable, more rooted and has given me extra in my intuitive work.

root chakra problems

Furthermore, if you are doing advanced spiritual work, such as channelling or trance, try envisioning the roots coming down through the right leg – active and giving aspect – going down to the centre of the earth (through whatever symbol or intention you usually work with) and back up to your left foot – the passive and receiving side. This creates a secure, anchoring grounding circuit.

It is essential that you keep both feet on the ground when working mediumistically or psychically, especially as someone new to the practices.

If you would like to work with your grounding, one of the best ways is to receive a Reiki healing: Book a free discovery with me call here or a distant healing/1-2-1 healing in London by clicking here.

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