There is nothing worse than paying good money for a service, then being disappointed with the result. The same applies to a tarot reading. Some people come away in awe of what they have heard, some indifferent, and some more confused than when they went in. There are lots of reasons why a reading may not go well. So, if that has happened to you, or you’ve booked in a reading and want a fantastic experience, then read my Top 10 Tips: How to Get the Best Out of Your Tarot Reading.

1. Research

Like all services, you want to pick the one that is right for you. Each tarot reader will bring their own individual flair and method to a sitting – no two are the same. For instance, some readers give a more evidential psychic reading, with direct messages from loved ones; others focus solely on the tarot and the stories that they show surrounding your life; some may incorporate crystals and treat a sitting as more of a healing practice. Therefore, have a think about what you want from your reading, then look around. Select someone you’re drawn to. If you’re not sure of his or her style, call them up and ask! They will be happy to put you at your ease, explain how they work and what you’re paying for.

Although personal recommendations are usually a great place to start, be aware that what works for them, might not necessarily work for you.

“Our purpose as readers is to pass on the messages for you – to you. That is what we want to do.”


2. Don’t be a cynic!

Many people are dubious tarot reading as an intuitive art – even if they secretly want a reading. Try not to get too caught up in whether your reader is ‘real’ or not. Who cares where the messages originate? The important thing is they prove helpful, insightful and enlightening. This will only happen if you go to a reading with an open mind. Our purpose as readers is to pass on the messages for you – to you. That is what we want to do, not prove ourselves as psychics. So if you spend your whole session trying to prove the tarot reader wrong, then you’re eating up time and energy that could be spent on trying to deliver valuable guidance.

Best Tarot Readings

3. It’s all about you

And so it should be – you’re the one paying! But, if you’ve got a question to ask, let it be about YOU; your reader does not have permission to tune into anyone else’s energy. So, asking “What is my boyfriend thinking about me?” or “Will my boss give me a promotion?” will lead to an unfulfilling reading. The cards will just reflect your own thoughts about the situation – usually inconclusive and confused! For that reason, I encourage my clients to phrase their enquiries in a way that are more empowering: “How can I improve my relationship with my partner?” or “What do I need to focus on to further my career?” Then the cards reveal suggestions, guidance and scenarios that are less based on anxiety and uncertainty.

“The tarot reader can only show you the path… how long it takes you to walk it is up to you!”


4. Unrealistic expectations

I once read for a lady who was stuck in a bit of a rut, and that was mirrored in the cards, but I explained that her frustration would pass soon. She then shouted at me for not giving her an exact date her life was going to turn around. She literally wanted me to circle the day on her calendar! Don’t get me wrong, readings shouldn’t be vague, but the cards rarely communicate exact dates because it depends so much on the client. In the case above, the timing was not shown, because the issues were not being faced; she needed to deal with some obstacles before she could move on. The tarot reader can only show you the path; they cannot decide how long it takes you to walk it – that is up to you!

5. Don’t fear the Reaper

“Oh no; not Death!”. (Substitute for The Devil/The Tower/10 of swords!). Don’t judge your tarot friends! Imagine a tarot pack as 78 PEOPLE, not cards. You wouldn’t prejudge a person just on their name, would you? You’d know that it is only one small part of them, that they have many different layers and stories they can tell you. Treat the cards like new friends, welcome all of them and get to know them a little…

6. Trust Divine Timing

I advertize on Facebook, and I’ve had a few people say to me, “It’s bizarre, your advert just popped up when I was thinking about getting a reading”. In reality, I am paying for that advertizing, so sometimes Divine Timing does get a little help! But, my point is, sometimes the timing of a reading is just meant to be. However, it works both ways: if your friend has asked you to go with them, but a reading but you really don’t feel like it, then there is a good chance that your friend will have a fantastic reading and you won’t! Usually, your instinct, or the Universe, knows. Therefore, trust the Divine Timing, whether that is following the urge to book or waiting a few weeks until it feels right.

“Some of the messages you receive may not be relevant at that present time, but could be invaluable further down the road”


7. Be honest

Now, I am not suggesting you’re dishonest, because I am sure you’re not! But, it is incredible how many people are so reluctant to ‘give away’ information, that they tell unconscious white lies. I know of a reader who was given a photo by their client, and when she asked “Oh is this you and your sister as children?” the client, for some unbeknownst reason exclaimed, “NO!” The reading went badly because the messages were muddled and confused. Later the client admitted that it was indeed a photo of her and her sister… No wonder the reader was getting mixed messages! This is an extreme example, but it does highlight how dishonesty can have a negative impact on their reading. So, in a tarot reading, honesty really is the best policy, after all the cards are a mirror to your internal world.

How a Tarot Reading Works


8. Remember, rememeber…

Sometimes an hour’s reading can be too much information to recall by memory alone. So it’s best to document a reading as a voice memo (most smartphones have this function), and many tarot readers are happy for you to do this. If it’s is not possible, note-taking can be a bit distracting, but jotting down a few key words can help jog your memory later. I encourage clients to take a photo of the spread so they can look back at it. Some of the messages you receive may not be relevant at that present time but could be invaluable further down the road.

9. Go (un)prepared

In other words – expect the unexpected. Sometimes messages come through that may throw you, especially if you were hoping to about something else entirely. Keep in mind that all the messages are for the greater good, and often you will be given knowledge that you need, not necessarily what you want.

10. Enjoy yourself!

You are treating yourself to some time for yourself, in a safe space, having someone’s undivided attention and talking all about you! Who wouldn’t want that?

Author: Claire Chilvers

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