Here at The Wellness Foundry, we believe it to be a great honour to read for others and support you wherever you are on your journey.

Here are a few guidelines to ensure you know what to expect so that you get the most out of your reading. Please take the time to read through it all:

1) Tarot is a diagnostic tool, a bit like an X-ray, which gives you clarity and insight into your present circumstance, helping you to move forward by making positive changes. It is not a predictive measure. We do look at likely outcomes, but more as unfolding patterns of your current situation. This, of course, is influenced by willpower and choice; ultimately, you are in charge of your own destiny. A sitting is in the nature of exploration and experiment.

2) The reading takes approximately 45mins with 10~15min at the end for any questions or feedback. So we have around 1hr in total. If, within the first 15mins, either party feels as though the reading is not right for them at this time, I will suggest a later date, alternative session or issue a refund.

3) It’s a great idea to come to your reading with a clear intention of what you want to get out of it. This intention might simply be you’re looking for an overview, or to gain insight and guidance to a particular question, obstacle or area of your life. You might want to come to the session with two or three prepared questions. Also, take a few moments to relax before our reading; I’m tuning into your current emotional state, so if you’re rushing to our call it might interfere with the tone of the sitting.

4) If your reading is via video call, ensure that you have a good WiFi connection and your video and microphone settings are on. It’s worth doing a check before our call, just to be sure. If you’re using a mobile phone to take the call that’s absolutely fine, just ensure that it’s propped up against something, so the camera does not shake and please turn off all notifications. A reading works best if we work in a calm environment without distractions.

5) You’re very welcome to bring a notebook and pen to write down anything that resonates. You are also welcome to record your reading, indeed I encourage it, so you can listen back later, but please notify me beforehand.

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6) A reading works best if it is uninterrupted and we can go through questions in the final 10~15minutes. Of course, if something resonates or you want me to repeat something I’ve said, please say; you don’t have to sit in silence!

7) At The Wellness Foundry we pride ourselves on creating safe, nurturing and welcoming environments, where you get to share freely. Know that all our sessions are kept entirely confidential; I will not discuss any details of our sittings with anyone else.

8) I tend not to make much eye contact with the client as I’m giving a reading – this is not because I am distracted or nervous, but simply part of the process. I may also say, “They are showing me” or “They are giving me” – this is me referring to my Guides.

9) Most of all, come with an open heart and mind and enjoy yourself!