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Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Or perhaps you are feeling unsure about your next step and need some reassurance and direction? Maybe you’re contemplating a big decision or are at a crossroads? Then a sitting with a Tarot card reader could be the answer.
Tarot is a diagnostic tool, similar to an X-Ray, which gives you clear and in-depth insight into your circumstances. As a result, you will have a greater understanding of how to remove any obstacles and reach your fullest potential.

Face-to-face Sittings

The Wellness Foundry offers Tarot and psychic readings 1:1 in London. Sittings are sixty minutes. Questions are welcomed.

Interpretation of the cards is combined with psychic information to give you a more in-depth examination of the influences and opportunities in your life.

A common misconception of Tarot is that the it’s a predictive tool. Firstly, although we do look at likely outcomes, this is based on unfolding events and choices available to you. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the Tarot cannot undermine your free-will. Therefore, it will not tell you what you should do. Instead, it will offer suggestions that empower you to make positive changes in your life.

Remote Sessions

Tarot and psychic readings are also offered by telephone & video call – Zoom & Skype. As I am working with your energy and the guidance of spirit, it is not confined by being in proximity to the sitter. Consequently, I can retrieve just as much information remotely as I do when sitting with someone face-to-face.

Group Readings

It is possible to book in a Tarot card reader for events and private gatherings. As readings work best on a 1;1 basis, it is important that there is a separate space for me to work from. Translators are welcome to be present. A small discount is offered for bookings for two or more people. For more information about bespoke packages, click here.

Benefits of a Tarot Reading

✧ Greater clarity in life

✧ Recognizing overlooked opportunities

✧ Insights into the patterns of behaviour and influences

✧ Reassurance and acknowledgment

✧ Releasing limiting thoughts and behaviours

✧ Greater self-discovery

✧ Spiritual guidance

✧ Decision making

✧ Action plans

✧ Focus on improvement areas


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One of the best readings I’ve ever had!
Dr Jonathan W, February 2019

Civil Servant

Fiongal is incredibly perceptive. He senses something beyond the symbols laid before him.

I love his warmth and the way he offers constructive & thoughtful suggestions. His sittings are well worth the experience.

Jennifer O, March 2017

Creative Writer

Fiongal’s accuracy was awe-inspiring; he understood my situation without me telling him anything.

I would 100% recommend him, whether it be your first or hundredth reading. Thank you Fiongal!

Aisha Z, February 2018

Events Manager