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Spiritual Energy Healing with Mandy

The Wellness Foundry offers Spiritual Energy Healing:

• Healing sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes

• Offered remotely via Zoom

• Questions welcome.

Enjoy a personalized session

Mandy offers a form of spiritual energy healing called ‘Transformational Healing’.

Healing is such an incredibly personal journey; there is ‘no one size fits all’. Consequently, that is why a session with Mandy is so special: she uses her intuition and psychic abilities to communicate with her Guides about the best tools and approach. As a result, you receive a healing that most serves you.

Mandy’s mission is to ‘touch the souls of others’ in as meaningful a way as possible – bringing health, peace, joy and enlightenment to those she meets. If you wish to learn more about who you truly are and can be, book a session with Mandy.

How It Works:

✧ A pre-session consultation via email to discuss your needs.

Energy and Spiritual Healing session online.

Mandy will tune into your energy fields and connect with your soul. All she asks is that you be open to receive the universal healing energy.

Some sessions are more interactive as we work to clear blockages and engage your own innate healing systems (from cell level upwards). Mandy may guide you in a healing meditation or pathworking.

Other sessions may be less interactive – providing a total blissful experience of pure awareness, relaxation, peace, joy and love.

✧ Spirit Guides (yours and Mandy’s) will be invited to assist and steer Mandy during the session.

Use of symbols (the language of the soul), healing codes, crystals, colour, mantras and other tools.

✧ Mandy will occasionally call on the teachings and practices of Western Mystery and Magical Traditions, if appropriate to your needs.

Energetic work with your chakras and meridians, to dissolve emotional distortions and negative beliefs.

✧ Intuitive feedback after the session and a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Receive healing and light

As the session starts, you have the opportunity to talk about your overall wellbeing and any requests. Mandy will hold space for an open-hearted conversation about what you would like to achieve with the healing session.

Firstly, Mandy will invite you to lay down or sit (fully clothed), and then take a moment to connect to your energetic system, your meridians (within the body) and your energetic grids (around the body). Then, we will start the healing session.

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Dissolve deeply held distortions

Mandy includes energetic scanning and gridwork – she will pinpoint emotional distortions, and negative beliefs that might be causing physical illness and limitations. With your permission, she will then dissolve these tangled energetic knots and replace them with free-flowing light and love.

After the session, an energetic cleanse will be done of your aura. In addition, you will have the opportunity to exchange feedback and Mandy will relay any intuitive messages for your healing journey that her Guides have given her.

Benefits of a Spiritual Energy Healing

✧ Resets the central nervous system

✧ Invites a calm and clear mind, thus improving concentration & decision making

✧ Balances the energetic systems, slows down the production of stress hormones

✧ Improves quality of sleep and reduces insomnia

✧ Aids digestion and energy levels

✧ Promotes healing to specific physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances

✧ Connect with your own body and emotions on a deeper level

✧ Gain insight into the emotional root of your physical manifestations

Remote Sessions

Healings are offered remotely via Zoom (other video call options available). Because Mandy is working with her Guides and your energy, she’s unconfined by the proximity of the sitter. Consequently, she can direct the same amount of healing remotely as she does when with someone face-to-face.

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