Hello, I’m Mandy

spiritual energy healer
spiritual energy healer

Spiritual Energy Healer, Holistic Healing Practitioner and Medium


Energetic Cords, Positive/Healthy Relationships


Specialises in: Energetic Healer, Cord-Cutting Rituals

As a Spiritual Energy Healer, I work on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. I believe we should all be healthy and live our lives to the full.

I am here to touch the souls of others to awaken, inspire and help each person love being who they truly are – a beautiful eternal being.

I have over 30 years of experience in various healing modalities, psychic awareness, mental and physical mediumship, trance speaking and trance healing. Daily, I reach for my highest ideal to be the best I can be in service as a Holistic Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Energy Healer and Soul Guide for each client.

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Although I had communicated with spirits as a child and heard stories of my grandmother healing the animals, becoming a healer wasn't on my radar until, in 1986, my husband Steve was diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live. He was sent home to die as the doctors could do nothing except help him 'die as peacefully and painlessly as possible'. Following advice from my grandmother (in spirit) and my guides (who I didn’t know existed till this happened), my husband and I developed a Beat Cancer Healing Plan, which had amazing 'miracle' results. This plan's contents still feature in our teaching today. It is also included in my best-selling book Nipples to Kneecaps: to die or not to die with cancer. Steve is alive and well 30 plus years on.

I, too, have had serious health challenges, which all contributed to my learning and teaching. I became an approved spiritual healer in 1989. Still, my drive to be the best healer I could be, led to me continue learning and gaining recognised qualifications in many complementary healing modalities over the years.

My journey, however, also included my own transformational experiences, such as when a Light Being downloaded symbols into my consciousness, enabling me to see light healing codes, matrix lines and meridian lines. Also, as part of my personal spiritual journey, I became an initiated High Priestess and run training groups in relation to the magical and mystical teachings of Western traditions.

I have also written other books and courses on health, astral projection, awareness and mediumship.

In 2022, I joined the wonderful team at The Wellness Foundry, London.

As a result, I have been guided by Spirit to create a unique, highly intuitive signature healing style which I call 'Transformational Healing'. This form of healing combines my knowledge of the body’s meridian lines, chakras, aura energy fields, sound waves, and deep energy grid work with spiritual healing, energy healing, Reiki, western mystery traditions, magical practices, and astral projection techniques.

I’m delighted you are here; it’s my honour to serve you, and I look forward to sharing your amazing transformational and healing journey with you.

Training & Skills

2020 Lead Tutor Holistic Healing Practitioner Diploma (200 hrs) – Pure Channel Healing

2016 Nutritional Therapist Level 6 – The Health Sciences Academy

2013 Dementia Champion, Advisor and Trainer – Dementia Friends, Contented Dementia

2010 Animal ReikiWagglers Dog Groomers

2006 Shamballa (Multi-dimensional) Reiki Master – A. Edwards

2005 Trance Healing for Approved Spiritual Healers – Arthur Findlay College

2004 Advanced Trance Mediumship – Arthur Findlay College

2004 Specialist Mediumship (Invitation Only) – Arthur Findlay College

2002 Usui Reiki Master – Lisa Stewart

2002 Heal the Healer and Awareness Trainer – Pure Channel Healing Project with Community Fund and National Lottery

1998 Body Massage VIA Diploma IIHHT – Telford College

1998 Aromatherapy VIA Diploma IIHT – Telford College

1998 Herbalism Diploma – British School of Yoga

1997 Iridology Diploma – British School of Yoga

1989 Approved Spiritual Healer (3 year course) – Spiritualist National Union