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I am a Spiritual Energy Healer, Alchemy-Bowl Practitioner and Intuitive:

My name is Maria Lodetoft, and I am originally from Sweden. I grew up wild, playing in forests under the magic of the Northern Lights; therefore, I was given the name Daughter North by Spirit when creating my brand.

My grandmother guided me towards a holistic life from an early age, teaching me how to forage for different herbs and berries throughout the year, look after the house-elves, and read for me about Swedish trolls and faeries. I remember seeing and playing with these magical forest creatures often. She taught me how to hold gratitude rituals, use affirmations and how to read the cards.

I have always communicated with my Angles and Guides, but it wasn’t until my late 20s, while working in sales and creative marketing, that my soul’s purpose was clearly given. As I leaned into my Spirit team for support through a hard time in my life, I understood that this was my gift; I can be a channel for all the healing power and guidance there is to receive from the Universe. I decided to embark on a professional spiritual journey in 2017 as a Yoga teacher, and I’ve never looked back. Connecting to my body on such a deep level guided me into my heart, and within my heart, I found my soul’s purpose.

I am here to serve the collective. Healing and guiding one soul at a time, and by doing so, raising the vibration of this earth.

I took my Reiki healing certificate and my sound healing diploma in 2019, and I have now a fully activated Healing and Channeling mediumship. I’m able to open myself up for messages and healing powers not just from Spirit, but from Angles, the Sleeping Giants deep down in the crystal caves, the Light Beings and Mother Earth – Gaia herself. I have the gift of seeing this world’s energetic grids and your energetic blueprint. From this, I can guide you and relay messages through my card interpretations. I’ve met and worked alongside Light Beings, seeing light codes and channelling light language. My energetic field is constantly upgraded and expanded so that I can hold the highest available healing vibration.

As a Spiritual energy healer, I work on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I have spent the last year creating my unique signature healing style, which is guided by Spirit and highly intuitive. This form of healing combines my knowledge of the body’s meridian system, Reiki healing, sound waves and deep energy grid work.

In 2020, I joined the wonderful team at The Wellness Foundry, London.

I’m delighted you are here; it’s my honour to serve you and the collective.

Training & Skills

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2019 Human Grids and Quantum FieldRegan Hillyer & Gaby Kowlaski

2018 Sound Healing: Crystal Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks – Cherabella, Bath

2018 Reiki 1 & Reiki 2East London Reiki

2017 Yoga 50hr TTC Restorative Yoga –Yoga London

2017 Yoga 200hr TTC Yin Yoga –Yoga London