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Learn to support you own spiritual journey and connect with your inner-tutor, with our specialists delivering their expert knowledge and practical guidance on a wide range of subjects. Take a single workshop or enroll onto one of our longer courses. We have helped thousands of people take accelerate their spiritual growth and self-heal.

Here is a list of available spiritual online courses and intuitive workshops. Click on the offering you would like, and receive lifetime access to your chosen Masterclass.

Each course is presented as easy-to-follow, streaming video series that can be watched time and time again. There are also downloadable resources and files to support the teachings as well as try-at-home activities.
What is Manifesting

Masterclass – How to Manifest from the Soul

Do you keep trying to manifest but always seem to reach a block?

Have you been following the “Law of Attraction” and still not had any results?

In this workshop, we will myth-bust anything around Manifesting, and you will learn practical tools and healing techniques to make your dreams come true.

£28 (Duration 90mins)


what is my life number

Numerology: The Secrets of Numerology

In this Masterclass, you will learn amazing life skills in this step-by-step series.

Discover your Destiny Ray (life path) & karma number, as well as your Soul and Spirit number, and so much more…

Learn the numbers’ meanings & how you can use this information in your everyday life, as well as your spiritual practice.

£28 (Duration: 75mins)


how to use a spiritual pendulum

Masterclass – How to Use a Pendulum

And get accurate answers!

This Masterclass is your step-by-step guide through the mystical art of using a pendulum.

You will be given easy-to-follow exercises, instructions & must-know hacks, to confidently and accurately dowse with your pendulum.

£28 (Duration 90mins)


how to cut etheric cords

Masterclass – Energetic Cord-Cutting

In this online workshop, discover some time-tested techniques to cut those unhealthy energy cords and restore harmony in your life.

Journey to locate the attachments in your energy bodies and learn powerful, practical techniques to sever the cords and how to fill in new energies.

£28 (Duration: 110mins)


questions to ask oracle cards

Masterclass – How to Read Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards are a staple for all modern spiritualists. Yet, so many people use them incorrectly, or are unaware of the amazing things they can do!

In this specially crafted workshop, you will learn how to use Oracle cards to their fullest potential to successfully read for yourself and others.

£28 (Duration 90mins)