Spirit Portraits & Intuitive Art

What is a Spirit Portrait Artist?

A Spirit Portrait Artist is someone who draws the face of either a Spirit Guide or Loved One who comes through in a sitting.

This information is obtained solely through mediumship, i.e. without the use of a photograph or any prior knowledge of the depicted individual.

Each sitting is:

• A one-hour appointment

• Available in-person or video call

Spirit Guide Drawing

How does an Intuitive Art sitting work?

The sitter arrives at the appointment, either in person or via video, and the psychic tunes into your energy. Once a connection established, the artist will then sketch the portrait whilst giving evidential information about the person’s life and their relationship to the sitter.

These include Spirit Guides, family relatives, close friends and distant ancestors.

N.B. We kindly request that, after you receive your drawing, if you recognize the Loved One and have a photographic likeness of them, that you share them with us at The Wellness Foundry.

What’s Included in a Spirit Guide Drawing?

In addition to having a visual representation of your Guide, you will also know:

  • The origin of your Spirit Guide
  • Why your Spirit Guide has decided to work with you
  • The unique qualities of your Guide
  • How your Spirit Guide is helping you
  • If this is a lifetime Guide or for a particular period of your life
  • What you need to know about yourself right now
  • What’s your life’s purpose

To read more about Spirit Guides, click here.


Can I specify that I would like a Spirit Guide or a Loved One?

Yes, you can specify before the sitting whether you would like me to draw a Loved One or Guide.

Can I specify which Loved One I would like drawn?

Unfortunately, no. As always when working with Spirit, it is up to them who steps forward and chooses to show themselves. Although a connection cannot always be guaranteed, it is scarce for no Spirit to step forward. 

Will I get to Keep the Drawing?

Absolutely! The image will be placed in a bio-degradable clear sleeve to keep the image in pristine condition. In addition, you will receive a card as proof of authenticity and the picture number.

What about deliveries for remote sittings?

If you book a video reading, your drawing will be sent by Royal Mail™️ post. However, we cannot guarantee receipt of delivery. If you would like Recorded Delivery or International Mail, please get in contact, and an extra charge will be raised.