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Sound Bath Healing, London

The Wellness Foundry offers private Sound Baths, London:

• Healing sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes

• Offered in person – in-calls & out-calls

• Questions welcome.

Enjoy a personalized session

Healing is such an incredibly personal journey; there is ‘no one size fits all’. Consequently, that is why a session with Maria is so special: she uses her intuition and psychic abilities to communicate with her Guides about the best tools and approach. As a result, no two sessions are the same and you receive a healing that most serves you.

What’s included:

✧ A pre-session consultation

✧ Guided meditation to help you relax

✧ Sound healing with crystal bowls

✧ Use of tuning forks and other instruments

✧ An energetic cleanse and smoothing down of the aura.

✧ Intuitive feedback after the session.

What is a Sound Bath Healing?

The human body is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When this rhythm is out of sync, dis-ease and disharmony result. Thus, vibrational sound healing can work with these imbalances or blockages of the energy channels to help restore balance and ease within the body again.

Through sound vibrations, we can release old patterns, beliefs, physical pains, disease and depression – all forms of ailments through re-balancing our inner resonance.

How does a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath work?

The 99.992% quartz Crystal Singing Bowls produces powerful tones that resonate deep within the body. The sound touches our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level.

For example, when a quartz crystal singing bowl that is moulded to make the F note is played, the note it emits will connect directly with the heart chakra. This sound will be the purest form of that resonant frequency and will enter the heart chakra within the body, and the connected physical, mental and emotional patterns.

Consequently, this vibration with heal and awaken – releasing the blockages, stored energy, disease and ailments stored there. Therefore, each quartz crystal singing bowl’s sound will reshape and harmonize the resonance of the targeted chakra within the body.

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 Benefits of a Sound Bath Healing

✧ Resets the central nervous system

✧ Balances the bodies energetic system

✧ Slows down the production of stress hormones

✧ Relieves sleep disorders, improves quality of sleep and reduces insomnia

✧ Invites a calm and clear mind, thus improving concentration & decision making

✧ Lowers blood pressure

✧ Promotes healing to specific physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances

✧ Connect with your own body and emotions on a deeper level

✧ Alleviates emotional blockages such as anxiety, grief, depression

Home Sessions

Crystal bowl sound healings are also offered in the comfort of your home. You are welcome to invite up to four guests, provided there is space for each attendee to lie down. Extra guests will be charged £20/pp.

To arrange a date and time for your home session, click here.

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To learn more about Maria click here.

Try it at Home

We’ve teamed up with the Evening Standard to offer you the chance to experience the incredible power of a sound bath from your own home. Discover here:

My sound healing session has been a game changer for me.

The session took me from the low-vibe state to a much better place emotionally and energetically. It was an amazing, peaceful sensation and definitely shifted and cleared my frequency at once.

I’m ready for what life might throw at me now! Thank you so much!

Dora Prado, January 2020

The sound bath was powerful; it was an amazing feeling to finally let go of so many old emotions – to release long held grief and heartbreak. I could feel the energy shift instantly.

Maria’s space was beautiful and welcoming. I literally can’t wait for my next session.

Kristina Karmanova, December 2019

Book in for a Personalized Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

sound bath london
sound bath london


Sound Bath Healing – Face-to-Face:


  • 60 minutes+
  • Crystal bowls and other instruments
  • Private 1:1 session
  • Time for questions & integration
  • Gift of a crystal
  • Healing room (Finsbury Park, London)
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alchemy bowl healer


Sound Bath Healing – Home Visit:


  • 60 minutes+
  • Crystal bowls and other instruments
  • Private session of up to 4 guests – additional guests charged at £20/pp
  • Time for questions & integration
  • Gift of a crystal for each guest
  • Visit to your own home (Greater London only)