Best Spiritual Retreats UK & Abroad

All our retreats offer a chance to check in with yourself, meet like-minded souls, and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

These spiritual getaways combine yoga, spiritual practices, meditation, and wholesome food, making them the perfect way to re-discover your inner peace.

best spirtiual spiritual retreats

Psychic Development Retreat | 28th-30th June 2024

Kent, UK.

Join owners, Fiongal and Jamie, for an intimate 3-day retreat.

Unlock your psychic abilities for spiritual growth, balance and harmony in your life.

Open to all levels.


the 4 elements, the 5 elements, mind body soul, yoga, breathe work, breathwork

5 Elements Wellness Retreat | 2025 TBC

Norfolk, UK.

Connect with a core part of spiritual practice: the 5 elements.

Explore spiritual workshops, yoga and meditation to create balance and harmony within your life.

Open to all levels.


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