Hello, I’m Karenza

best Spiritual Energy Healer

My session with Karenza was thorough, informative and extremely accurate. I’ve had much experience with intuitives, and Karenza is one of the best by far.’

Rue Robinson

New Zealand

psychic tarot reader

I’m a Psychic, Tarot Card Reader and Coach

From when I was very little, I have encountered things I couldn’t really explain, from the seeing of auras and spirits, to knowing things I shouldn’t be able to. I found community and opportunity to explore these experiences at University, and have been involved in the running of spiritual and psychic development groups ever since. When I was gifted my first (of many!) Tarot decks I was excited to discover how clearly it spoke to me. Since then, I’ve worked as a psychic Tarot card reader to develop my own personal ‘Tarot coaching’ style.

When I experienced a major back injury in 2010, the role of spiritual and healing work became ever more important to me. It is at this time took on my first professional role as a psychic Tarot reader. Soon after, I left my career in education events to retrain as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Therefore, further developing my therapeutic skills to work with my clients, such as past-life regression and intuitive coaching techniques.

During a healing trip to western Canada, I felt myself drawn to explore Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine); I’ve long been an advocate for a good cup of tea being a ‘cure-all’! I embarked on an intensive 3-year programme. The course has given me greater understanding of plant medicine and the medical skills to support clients dealing with complex wellbeing problems.

I am so excited to be a part of The Wellness Foundry team as a psychic Tarot card reader and coach.

What to expect in my sittings:

My reading and coaching style is focused on providing you with both tangible, and accessible tools, to support you in moving through your day, reducing the overwhelm sensation that we may experience in our busy modern lives. My aim is to support you in identifying the very first steps in moving towards your goals and ambitions, with loving ease. I look forward to helping you find a fresh perspective, and new insights, with my gentle intuitive suggestions.

When I’m not busy studying herbal texts, I can often be found walking the dogs near the sea, with a thermos of tea in hand, taking endless photos of the changing sky and chatting with every tree I meet along the way.

Training & Skills

Western Medical Herbalist Diploma of Phytotherapy Pacific Rim College, Canada, Due for completion in Summer 2021

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma & Certificate – Hypnotherapy Business Academy, Dublin, 2016

Reiki 1Richmond Reiki, 2011

Member of The Tarot Association of the British Isles –TABI

’Anytime I need pragmatic soul-centred advice, I go to Karenza Spirit for a reading. Her intuitive yet practical approach to reading cards has helped me navigate some of life’s most difficult challenges, and her gentle calming presence always puts me at ease during our sessions.’

Amber S.


I have had several readings with Karenza and every time the reading resonates so much with what is happening now, as well as plans I might be making in the near future. The readings she provides have an amazing knowledge, strength and energy with them, that provides confidence and understanding in what is being brought to you. She’s my ‘go to’ when things become overwhelming or I can’t feel a clear path before me.

Caroline W. Truro

Cornwall UK

Karenza’s sessions are transformative. Her sharp presence, nurturing voice and vast knowledge helps ground me in the moment and guide me through an intuitive perspective and shifting experience. I would highly recommend her readings

Kaitlyn R.