Psychic Readings

psychic reading
Intuitive Sittings
• Unsure about which path to take?
• Feel as though you’re capable of so much more?
• Are you constantly waiting for life ‘to get started’?
Then a consider a psychic reading.

What is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings are a way to understand yourself more and the choices available around you. I receive useful information about your life through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct.

Furthermore, I combine my psychic abilities with the Tarot, as this mix gives you insight into both your present-day circumstances and the most likely outcomes based on these current influences. We will look into your past, and how it is influencing the present, which then guides you into your future.

Face-to-face Sittings

The Wellness Foundry offers Tarot and psychic readings in London. Sittings are sixty minutes. Questions are welcome.

Additionally, you may record the sitting with prior permission.

Remote Sessions

Tarot and psychic readings are also offered by telephone & video call – Zoom & Skype. As I am working with your energy and the guidance of spirit, it is not confined by being in proximity to the sitter. Consequently, I can retrieve just as much information remotely as I do when sitting with someone face-to-face.

“But I Don’t Want to Know Anything Bad’s About to Happen.”

Firstly, a psychic reading is not determining the future, but being clearer and reassured about it.

Secondly, the information I receive will never undermine your own freewill and the agency you have over your life. Therefore, I do not work in definites, but rather suggestions and advice that empower you to make positive changes in your life. Moreover, you should always keep your own counsel and only take home the information that you find useful and that which rings true with your own experiences.

Ultimately, every sitter comes way feeling more optimistic about his or her future, not less.

Benefits of a Psychic Reading

✧ Reassurance and acknowledgment

✧ Validation of choices and actions

✧ Greater clarity in life

✧ Recognizing overlooked opportunities and talents

✧ Insights into the patterns of behaviour and influences

✧ Releasing limiting thoughts and behaviours

✧ Identifying that which is working against you

✧ Spiritual guidance and healing

✧ Decision making

✧ Action plans

✧ Focus on improvement areas

Book a Reading

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I came to Fiongal for a psychic reading because I was terribly confused about what to do next in my life. The messages he delivered were extraordinarily accurate to my situation; without telling him anything, he picked up on details he couldn’t have guessed.

After the reading, I had such clarity and optimism about the choices before me. I felt so reassured.

Kenny M, November 2018

Global Materials Manager

I didn’t know what to expect from a psychic reading, but what Fiongal delivered far surpassed my expectations. 

For a while, I’d been seeking the advice of others, but their suggestions just left me more & more muddled. So I gave an intuitive sitting a try; I’m extremely happy I did. Fiongal immediately ‘got’ me, identified my frustrations and provided guidance in such a way that I exactly understood what he meant. I don’t know how it works – I just know it does.

Tom A, August 2018