•Unsure about which path to take?

•Feel as though you’re capable of so much more?

•Are you constantly waiting for life ‘to get started’?

Then consider a psychic-medium reading. It’s a fantastic method that really gets you to know yourself better, shining a light on opportunities, talents and avenues you might not have otherwise discovered.

What is a psychic-medium reading?

A psychic medium reading where I glean useful information about your life through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct: in other words, using my sixth sense, which forms the ‘psychic’ aspect to the sitting; also, I communicate with spirit energy, making up the ‘mediumistic’ element.

This approach differs from Tarot, which gives an overview of your current circumstances – click here to find out more. Psychic medium readings are a way to understand yourself more and the choices available to you in the future. That is to say; I can pick up on connections and tune into what may be in store for you. We will look into your past, and how it is influencing the present, which then guides you into your future.

Tarot Card Spread

“But I don’t want to know anything bad that is going to happen.”

Firstly, a psychic reading is not predicting the future, but being clearer and reassured about it.

Secondly, I only receive information that is willing to be shared with you. A common misunderstanding of psychic work is that we see anything wanting to be kept private, or indeed anything that would be disempowering. For instance, I would not receive messages about illness or the breakdown of a partnership. But instead, suggestions of how to safeguard your health and cultivate healthy relationships.

Therefore I can confidently say that everyone sitter feels more optimistic about his or her future, not less.

I don’t live in London; can I still have a reading?

Yes. One great upshot of modern technology is you can book for a video or telephone reading. It works exactly as a face-to-face sitting would, but from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

I came to Fiongal for a psychic reading because I was terribly confused about what to do next in my life. The messages he delivered were extraordinarily accurate to my situation; without telling him anything, he picked up on details he couldn’t have guessed.

After the reading, I had such clarity and optimism about the choices before me. I felt so reassured.

Kenny M, November 2018

Global Materials Manager

I didn’t know what to expect from a psychic reading, but what Fiongal delivered far surpassed my expectations.


For a while, I’d been seeking the advice of others, but their suggestions just left me more & more muddled. So I gave an intuitive sitting a try; I’m extremely happy I did. Fiongal immediately ‘got’ me, identified my frustrations and provided guidance in such a way that I exactly understood what he meant. I don’t know how it works – I just know it does.

Tom A, August 2018