A Pathway to Light:

Psychic Development Course – Intermediate

Take your gifts to the next level.

8 Livestream Sessions Over 8 Weeks.

Deepen your connection with your Guides, Spirit and yourself.

Sharpen your gifts and accuracy of inspired information with like-minded souls.

Intermediate Level

From: 30th Jan 2024

90 mins/session

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How It Works

Over eight weeks you will develop the skills required to be more confident in working with Spirit to guide your daily practice and deliver accurate and inspiring messages.

There will be guided meditations, as well as regular opportunity to hone your gifts by practising on your fellow students following various exercises in a supportive and loving environment.

We will meet every Tuesday at 7 pm GMT via Zoom to explore engaging and invaluable expert teachings on a varitey of topics.

Who is this spiritual development circle designed for?

The intermediate course is designed for those that are ready to strengthen and develop their psychic and mediumship skills further in a safe and supportive environment. It will enable students to examine their unique gifts and intuitive abilities.

Please note, this course is not suitable for beginners. We have Opening to the Light – an Introductory Psychic Development Circle for those at the beginning of their jounrey.

Those who book onto this course without invitation might have their monies refunded and their place in the group revoked.

8 weeks | 90-minute modules

Investment: £265

learn psychic development

Please note places are strictly limited to 12 persons.

The Curriculum:

In this course you will develop your psychic and mediumship skills in a safe and supportive space, whilst further acquiring the techniques to improve your accuracy and structure sittings.

With focus on your personal spiritual growth, you will learn to extend and maintain your link with the spirit world and deepen your understanding of your role as a reader.

Learn to further develop your psychic senses and distinguish between the claires, working with each.

Explore and work with symbols and their meanings for the sitter.

Introduce cards to enhance the reader’s experience and give more information.

Understand your unique way of working and navigate the changes in energy between psychic and mediumship connections.

Comprehend how to work in a compassionate, ethical manner whilst communicating information with evidence, in a clear and meaningful way.

The dates:


Week 1: Tuesday, 30th Jan, 2024

Week 2: Tuesday, 6th Feb, 2024

Week 3: Tuesday, 13th Feb, 2024

Week 4: Tuesday, 20th Feb, 2024

Week 5: Tuesday, 27th Feb, 2024

Week 6: Tuesday, 5th Mar, 2024

Week 7: Tuesday, 12th Mar, 2024

Week 8: Tuesday, 19th November, 2024


The Time:

19:00 – 20:30


Meet Your Mentor

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Meet Your Mentor

Michelle is a psychic, spiritual healer and Oracle reader. She has been a reader with The Wellness Foundry since 2019. She has read for hundreds of clients and helped the spiriutally curious connect with themselves on a deeper level.

Having studied as a psychic medium at the College of Psychic Studies to professional level, as well as magic and wicca practices, Michelle has a breadth of knowledge and insight to share with you.


Be With Like-Minded Souls

I was supported and encouraged throughout. Without this course, I would still be guessing instead of knowing.

The environment you’re in allows anyone from any background and entry level to understand learn and grow from the fundamentals provided in this course. This for me, was extremely helpful in understanding my own psychic abilities, and how to control them at will, rather than me receiving information psychically when I don’t.

The course was amazing. I was a complete beginner in ‘psychic lessons’ and didn’t know what to expect. Michelle’s teaching style is amazingly free and open. I just wish the course was longer and am excited to start the next level!

Michelle is such a natural teacher! She is very warm, caring and holds the most sacred space for our circle. I have loved developing my connection with Spirit and delving deeper into my readings with the profound teachings and supportive learning space. I now totally trust my intuition and quality of being.

Michelle is an amazing teacher, providing a safe and welcoming space for us to grow and learn. Every session has been wonderful. We have a bit of ‘theory’ and then get to work, reading each other.

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Can anyone join?
This course is specially designed to facilitate those who already have a fundamental knowledge of how to ground and work with their energies. Therfore, rhis psychic and spiritual development circle is not suitable for complete beginners. However, we do offer an introductory psychic development circle that is open to all.
This psychic development course is online, will it still be effective?
Yes. Firstly, we have run this course many times before will great effect; finding that when you work in your own home and space, students tend to feel more relaxed, and the results are powerful.

Secondly, hosting this course allows us to reach a worldwide audience, and in turn making for a diverse and more interesting group.

Thirdly, energy isn’t confined by time and space, only by intention, so learning how to work remotely means you can go on to do anything.

How do I know if this course is suitable for me?
Most students on this course will be sent an invitation to join, or progressing from our Introductory course.

Occasionally, we allow people in who have studied the fundamentals of psychic development elsewhere. Please get in touch with Michelle if you need to discuss your suitability to this group.

What should I bring?

It is useful to bring a notepad and pen, every experience is different, and you may find it useful to record your learning key points as these sessions will not be recorded to ensure your confidentiality.

That's it.

Can I bring a friend to join as well?

Of course! This is about creating a like-minded community, so if you know someone who shares a similar spiritual interest as you, then what an amazing thing to explore together. Throughout the course you will be assigned pair work, so you'll still have a chance to interact with others. Furthermore, many students of the course have gone on to become great friends.

Do you do any meet-ups in person?

Yes. There are retreats, workshops and events alongside the course, which you will be invited to.

There's a date I can't do, is that a problem?

Although we will not be recording these classes, Michelle can facilitate an update of exercises completed to any student that misses a class. Not recording the sessions assists participants to talk openly with an understanding their personal information is not shared remains.