Hello, I’m Susana

best Spiritual Energy Healer

I was completely taken aback by the accuracy of the reading with Susana

I left our session feeling reassured and relaxed.

Thank you, Susana!

Gemma M


psychic tarot reader

I’m a Psychic, Clairvoyant & Energy Reader

My spiritual journey that led to me becoming a psychic, clairvoyant and energy reader began in 2018; it changed the course of my life forever. A series of strange coincidences started to happen to me, and I began to have vivid dreams and visions.  As I began searching for answers, I knew I had to look inward. Therefore, I decided to have a psychic reading, as, at the time, I felt confused with what was happening to me. I found that the messages I received gave me strength and understanding and reinforced what I’d been intuitively sensing and feeling.

Each of these experiences kept repeating the same message: that I had to accept my clairvoyance and that my life couldn’t remain how it was; I needed to take a leap of faith and step into this, a new path to find my purpose. I now believe nothing is a coincidence.

Developing my intuition has become the key to my self-development, as well as opening the door to gifts I’m now prepared to accept. I became a student at the College of Psychic Studies, where my gifts grew and expanded. When practising at the college, the feedback I received from fellow students gave me confidence and encouragement. I was stepping into my calling. It made me realise how important the messages I receive are for helping and comforting others. I wanted to be able to offer that peace of mind to everyone. This is why I became a professional psychic, clairvoyant and medium.

I am so excited to be a part of The Wellness Foundry team. I can’t wait to read for you soon.

What to expect in my sittings:

I offer intuitive psychic readings that help my client feel relaxed, looking at their energy and where they are in this moment. From this, they gain clarity and understanding on how to best move forward.

The guidance and messages I receive will be delivered with empathy and in a supportive manner.

My aim for you is to leave the reading feeling uplifted, motivated and with a sense of confidence.

I was completely taken aback by the accuracy of the reading with Susana

I left our session feeling reassured and relaxed.

Thank you, Susana!

Gemma M


Training & Skills

Psychic Development (Advanced)Gary Wright, College of Psychic Studies 2018~2021

Psychic Development & Tuition – Kim Alexis, London 2016

Reiki Healing Level 2 Michael Kaufmann, Reiki Master 2018

I was initially apprehensive about my reading as I’d never done anything like this before but Susana helped put me at ease.

It was a very warm and genuine session and I was left feeling happy and refreshed after the reading. I was reassured about decisions and the future and it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I would definitely recommend and thank you again

Sophie R.


I had a reading with Susana and was blown away by the experience.

She was calm and comforting and took time to explain how the reading would be done.

What astounded me most in the reading were the messages that focused around the two main areas that had been playing heavily on my mind in the previous months.

After the reading, I instantly felt emotionally light and at peace with my recent struggles. I would highly recommend Susana and I’m blessed to have had this experience with her.



Thanks very much, Susie for the support you’ve given me throughout the months! I love how you use your gifts and talents with dedication to help people. I recommend anyone to have a session with her as she’s a great coach and a very kind and calming soul.

Thank you so much Susie!

Naomi P