Hello, I’m Rosie

psychic angel reader


“Rosie is very accurate.

She also has a warm, friendly and calm manner that instantly puts you at ease.”

– Claire




“‘Rosie gave me the most accurate and comforting reading I’ve ever received.

Her ability to hone in on the crux of the matter is second-to-none and jaw-droppingly precise! The channeled message I was gifted from Archangel Raphael has proved to be life-changing in every way!’.

– Daria




“In the month that followed my reading with Rosie, so many synchronicities happened that were just so magical, it felt like the world was opening up around me.

Rosie also channeled a message from a loved one, which has lifted away much of the pain that I was holding around his death, and has given me a new perspective on life which I have carried with me ever since.

– Isobel



Psychic Medium, Angel Reader, Crystal Healer


Mediumship with Passed Loved Ones | Bereavement


Specialises in: Angel Readings, Tarot and Crystal Healing

Through my mediumship, I am able to bring through Loved Ones with clarity of evidence and compassion. You are welcome to present questions to those who have passed over, so that I might give you reassurance and resolution.

I also have the ability to connect with the Angels and channel any messages they wish to give you. My Angel readings are very gentle and loving, but give profound insights into the support and guidance the divine wants to impart.

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My journey with Spirit started at a young age when my grandfather passed, but it wasn’t until my early twenties that my spiritual connection was realised.

After some health challenges and moving to London to study counselling psychology, my psychic and spiritual awareness came to the forefront. I was introduced to meditation and Reiki energy healing where I received messages from Spirit and Angels. After using Angel cards in my Angel readings, many synchronicities, events, and connections became very apparent which led me to see a psychic medium who helped me understand my gift.

As my spiritual understanding grew, my health and well-being significantly improved, and I received clear guidance to explore my spiritual path further. Whilst I was part of the clinical therapy and helping profession, I was inspired to learn about holistic therapies, such as Crystal Healing. These modalities enhanced my channelling and connection. My guides and intuition led me to attend development circles at the London Spiritual Mission, where I learned more about my abilities.

My spiritual path has encouraged and moved me to help others and assist people in embracing a deeper sense of connection, support, and meaning in the world around us, both seen and unseen.

I am absolutely delighted to be part of The Wellness Foundry team and look forward to connecting with you.

Training & Skills

angel readings

Mediumship and Spiritual  DevelopmentLondon Spiritual Mission 2022

Crystal Healing – Melanie Reiki Training School 2022

Natural MediumshipSir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre2022