Hello, I’m Michelle

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Psychic and Medium.

As a child I was shown my future in dreams, this made my career choices easy and helped me for many years as a service manager in both banking, and health and social care.

If I had any doubt of my gifts, as a young woman my father came to tell me he had passed. My mother did not doubt me, and hours later, after insisting my family locate dad whilst he was on holiday, his death was confirmed.

Later in my life, I urgently required a hip replacement and my busy world stopped. The quiet and stillness my recovery time bought me elevated and strengthened my spirituality. I had been using my gifts for years to benefit my career and help and mentor others. But I was clearly being shown the need to develop further to assist many.

I studied as a psychic medium at the College of Psychic Studies, and although I chose to be a reader, I knew I could also be a healer. I decided to use my skills to give healing and clarity to situations by providing readings. This has bought me tremendous joy in helping people to overcome challenges and provide practical advice on different areas of their life.

What to expect in my sittings:

In my readings I deliver messages that contain information to give guidance on practical issues relating to daily living, relationships, career, and aspirations.

Using my psychic abilities, or my connection through spirit, I present information in an open and honest way, with compassion. This enables clients to move forward in life’s journey with clarity, in a productive and positive way’

Michelle is very talented and gifted. She has been able to provide support and guidance through channelling Loved Ones, Angels and Spirit Guides. She is very clear on the messages she receives, gets straight to the point and provides clarity and reassurance to any situation.

Rhianna M.,London

Michelle puts you totally at ease and answers your questions without you having to ask them. I could have spoken to her for hours – that is how at ease I felt. She went into detail about what she was bringing through to ensure I understood and did not miss the important messages. She has wonderful energy and I will definitely be returning to her in the future.

Alison Harding, London

Training & Skills

college of psychic studies
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2021 Reiki Level 2 – Oonagh Van Hemuss
2021 Reiki Level 1 – Oonagh Van Hemuss
2018 ~ 2020 Psychic Development (Advanced) – Gary Wright, College of Psychic Studies
2020 Shamanic Healing / Energy Healing Diploma – Centre of Excellence
2020 Advanced Wicca Diploma – Centre of Excellence
2020 Ancient Magic Diploma – Centre of Excellence