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Hellenistic Astrology | Birth time rectification


Specialises in: Individual natal chart readings, synastry for relationships, predictive transit chart readings

I practice ancient Hellenistic astrology, which is closely linked to the archetypal planetary meanings and methods that were used in ancient Greece. As a Western tropical astrologer, I use the same 12 zodiac signs that people are familiar with, casting a natal chart using the whole sign system and including major asteroids and fixed stars. This approach enables me to bring ancient wisdom into a modern context. One where the snapshot of the sky at the minute of your birth gives not only an individual psychological roadmap but also links you to your ancestors, past lives, hidden talents and soul’s purpose in this incarnation.

Your chart can also show you how you connect with other souls you meet, your compatibility in romantic and spiritual soul ties and even what date is best for you to get married!

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My journey into astrology began as a teenager when I was inspired by meeting a witch who ran the local Wicca shop. My spiritual yearnings took me to Japan for 8 years, where I studied Buddhism and Taoism. This learning gave me a new perspective on practical, ancient Eastern understanding about living in alignment with the natural flow of universal energy.

I kept astrology as a hobby through my 20s, but it wasn’t until 2020 that my astrology studies came home, moving back to London I was able to navigate the tumult of COVID-19 isolation along with my father’s declining health with the help of the predictive power of astrology.

Looking at the planets moving through my chart gave me time to prepare for his eventual death. I believe this ancient tool can guide anyone who seeks a higher perspective of their life’s path and how best to work with the cosmos for their greatest good.

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“Incredibly insightful astrology reading experience!

Alice’s depth of detail and intuitive understanding of the celestial bodies and houses left me speechless. With a clear delivery and straightforward explanation, even the more intimidating aspects of my chart were easy to comprehend.

The reading was far beyond my expectations. Alice not only explained the nuances of my birth chart but also provided practical guidance on how to navigate various aspects of my life.”

– Mina, U.K.



“My natal chart reading with Alice was so easy to follow.

It honestly felt like an uplifting pep talk with all the positive parts of myself that I needed reminding of being highlighted, showing me I can go for exactly what I’ve always wanted to do!

It was very cathartic and spot on accurate, which still amazes me!”

– Namoi, Kilburn, U.K.


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2021 First-Year Astrology Course –Adam Elenbaas, Nightlight Astrology