No. 04: Grounding & Protection


No. 04: Grounding & Protection

Sandalwood is a rare aromatic plant, mainly used in religious ceremonies for its purity and cleansing powers. Its sweet aroma has a cooling effect on the Mind, Body, and Soul. This homemade blend of sandalwood paste and natural herbs purifies the environment, your aura and generates a sense of centredness. 

Aroma: Earthy, Sweet, and Rich

Chakra: Root

How to use: Burn as a support to everyday grounding practice or in a space in need of energetic balancing.


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Carefully designed recipes that align with your space, mood, and energetic goal

The burning time of each stick is approximately 1 hour. Place incense into an incense holder. Never leave your burning incense unattended

Includes: 29 sticks

Vegan | Ethically sourced and produced | Pure essential oils | Chemical free

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