No. 05: Connect with your Guides


No. 05: Connect with your Guides 

Made from lotus oil, this agarbatti cultivates mental clarity, increased focus, and activates the crown chakra. Lotus is known for its mysterious and mystical persona, making this exotic, floral fragrance perfect for enhancing connectivity to Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

Aroma: Floral, Exotic, and Fresh

Chaka: crown

How to use: Follow your grounding practice, then burn to open to your Guides, Helpers and Loved Ones or other Crown Chakra work. Be sure to ground afterwards.


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The burning time of each stick is approximately 1 hour. Place incense into an incense holder. Never leave your burning incense unattended

Includes: 29 sticks

Vegan | Ethically sourced and produced | Pure essential oils | Chemical free

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