Past Life Regression

What is Past-Life Regression
What is Past Life Regression?
Past Life Regression is a form of guided meditation, or hypnosis, which accesses memories stored in the subconscious of past lives or reincarnations.
This form of therapy helps an individual to identify current life issues or synchronicities by going into trance & tapping that lifetime which is responsible for such an experience.

You do not any previous experience for the therapy to work, however, like all modalities, it gets stronger with practice. In addition, it is extremely rare for someone not to respond to the guided meditation and retrieve invaluable information.

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One-to-One Sessions

The session is in two halves:

1) Guided visualization: to get you into a deep sense of relaxation. Lasting around 30 minutes.

2) Q&A: I ask you a series of questions to gather information about the past-life that you are bringing through.

You are aware but relaxed during the whole process. You have complete control as to the direction of your session.

Remote Sessions

PLR sessions are via videocall. However, as a practitioner, I need to provide a safe space, so it is important that you set up a quiet, relaxing environment, free from distractions.


✧ Heal interpersonal relationships

✧ Alleviation of certain phobias

✧ Insights in the causes of behaviour and influences

✧ Sense of relief and release

✧ Releasing limiting thoughts and behaviours

✧ Greater self-discovery

✧ Discovering soul connections