What is Online Past Life Regression Therapy & How It Works


Most people can accept that our past has an impact on our present. A lot of people are OK with the idea that the way we were raised, our family situation, and all the other conditions of our lives, have helped to shape us. But what if your ‘past’ was more?

From the beginning of our time, humans have been pondering our own existence – the profound, beautiful, perplexing mystery of what it is to be human. We’ve always been fascinated by story, by history and myth. And the working of the unconscious dreamworld that tells us that there is so much that we don’t understand. And yet we are shown, through divination tools, that we have access to spirit, lost souls, angels, Guides. We can, and do, connect in to something beyond this time and space we are used to walking around in.

In Past Life Regression, we are connecting to something beyond this time and space, and opening up to another tool of insight. We are asking to be shown something of where this life has been before.

How does past life regression therapy work?

Past life regression is like guided, safe and supported dreaming. And like dreaming, deep relaxation is our tool. The practitioner guides you into a deeply relaxed state of calm and stillness before guiding you into a gentle exploration of a time before your current life.  You’re never asked to make up a story or come up with answers. You’re never digging or searching or forcing. Your role is to chill and get out of the way.

What’s the point of past life regression? 

Many of us carry wounds from the past. Most of us have habits or behaviour that feel ingrained. Some of us get stuck into patterns that aren’t doing us any good. It’s possible that these cycles are driven by some ‘unfinished business’ that your soul has experienced on its journey and that tapping into it allows it to free up. What I find is that what comes is something that wants, for some reason, to be known. Just like a tarot or other reading, there could be insight, symbol or guidance. Many sessions have ended with a feeling of sense making, which can be reassuring, affirming and potentially transformational.

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What if I find it difficult to relax?

I know that for some, being told to relax comes with a load of pressure and tension, what a horrible irony! This isn’t about reaching a goal or a perfect state of serenity. Breathing deep, staying warm and cosy and opening to the possibility of relaxing might be all we need.

A good Past Life Regression Therapist will be able to use their psychic abilities to tune in and do a Past Life reading should the client find it difficult to access a Past Life on their own.

Do I need to believe in reincarnation? 

Not necessarily. You do need to have a sense that you have an unconscious, and that it contains mystery and can be valued, just as you might value a dream that feels important or resonated.

If I’m honest, I’m a sceptic. Should I bother?

Scepticism is very healthy. Why should you believe it until you see it? In fact, some of my best sessions have been with people with low (even rock bottom) expectations. All I ask is that you allow that scepticism to move aside if it’s getting in the way of relaxation. A lot of people ask me: Is regression therapy dangerous? read below to find out why it’s not.

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Is regression therapy dangerous? 

As a Past Life Regression Practitioner, it’s my job to keep the space safe and resourced. That’s why we stay in connection with each other and I never ‘lose’ you into a life on your own. We stay with our present moment experience just enough. In other words, we’re always close to the exit!

Who is it good for?

Past Life Regression sits somewhere within the divination tools, guided visualisations and hypnosis. If you like restorative practices like Yoga Nidra you’ll love it. If you like insight practices, symbolism or shamanic work, you’ll love it. This one’s also great for the generally curious.

I’ve heard you can do past-life regression sessions online via Zoom, is it just as effective?

Yes, absolutely! It may actually be even better online over Zoom as the client is in their own space, and able to make it really comfortable. The main issues within the session are that the client can’t relax, so being at home definitely helps with this.


What other people say:

‘My first experience of Past Life Regression Therapy was a total surprise. What I loved about it was its simplicity. The best part was that I didn’t feel the need to analyse anything. The exploration just made sense, and the meaning unfolded gradually, like little bolts of lightening bursting through with insights I felt I’d always known but never acknowledged. It felt like I was being offered a glimpse of story that just needed listening to. I believe we’re always learning and growing from deeply listening to our selves, beyond the everyday chit chat that usually fills our experience. And in some ways that’s all this is – a deep listening dream exercise.’ Stephanie.

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