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Our Services:

All our intutive readings will give you clarity, direction and the inspiration you need wherever you are on your journey.

Our sessions are held in a welcoming, safe and confidential setting with our experienced and trusted practitioners. Either on Zoom or in-person in Vauxhall, London.

Struggling to make a decision on what offering is best for you right now? Let your intuition guide you…

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Tarot/Psychic Reading

If you’re needing direction, reassurance & clarity in your life, then a Tarot/psychic reading is the answer you’re looking for.

Each of our readers uses a blend of Tarot, Oracle cards as well as working with their Spirit Guides to give you an in-depth and empowering sitting.

Sittings offered in-person in London, SE1 or via Zoom. 30 & 60-min readings available* (please note Fiongal only offers 60-min sittings)

All sessions include: time for questions & mp4 recording


past-life regression

Past Life Regression / Past Life Reading

Have a sense that you’ve been here before? Want to know where certain behaviours originate? Know that someone is your twin flame or soul mate?

Past life regression: you will be guided safely through a deep relaxation meditation to retrieve information about your past life. Past life reading: Jamie will tune in psychically to bring a past life through for you.

Sessions are 50 or 90mins, offered in-person in London, SE1 or Zoom.

All sessions include: time for questions & mp4 recording


energy healing online


A Spiritual and Energy Healing with our team includes energy healing that sends light via the body’s energy channels to dissolve emotional distortions, energetic blocks and physical discomfort.

Choose from: Crystal healing, Spiritual energy healing or Reiki.

Sessions are offered in-person in London, SE1 or via Zoom. All healings are 60 minutes.

All sessions include: intuitive feedback & time for questions


spirit guide drawing

Spirit Guide Reading + Portrait

A unique offering: receive a portrait of your Spirit Guide, whilst also being given messages and guidance.

This one-of-a-kind sitting allows you to not only connect with your spirit team, but also to take home a beautiful drawing to treasure for life.

Sittings are 60 minutes & offered in-person in London or Zoom

All sessions include: time for questions, drawing & mp4 recording


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