I use music in almost all my meditations, healings and intuitive practices.

The soothing power of sound is well-established. Firstly, it has a unique link to our emotions and instantly changes our mood and energy in a room. Secondly, it induces feelings of relaxation and calm; nothing else connects me as quickly to divinity as meditative music.

Therefore, I really wanted to share a list of my Top 10 Go-To Tracks (in no particular order). I have included a brief description of the song, and sometimes the composer, and for what practice I typically use them. Of course, these pieces of music can be used simply to help you to relax or sleep.

(Don’t forget to write your own favourite music for relaxation, meditation and healing in the comments box below for others to share and discover!)

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My Top 10 Tracks: Music for Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, and Reiki

1. Hymn – Ashana: this is what I imagine the music of heaven to be. Ashana uses celestial crystal singing bowls and her angelic vocals to create utopian musical landscapes. This track is particularly excellent for any heart or healing work. Want to experience a sound bath for yourself?

2. Krishna Arati – Bhagavan Das: The holy mantra of a Western yogi who lived in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka for six years. Listening to his voice makes you feel connected to the divine and verity of life. Unadultured, sincere, but in no way sanctimonious. A rare gem, indeed.

3. Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih – Shiuli Suabaya: the album cover is quietly unnerving but points to its primitive, raw power. Listening to this places me in a remote cave some 1000 years ago. I love using this when I’m opening up for intuitive practices. This is an amazing piece for shamans and magicians.

4. Infinite Universe – Beautiful Chorus: the most lyrical of the choices here. The choral message the lyrics deliver is beautiful and poignant, reminding you of what’s most important, played over a heartbeat bass. So, I like to play this in Savasana, giving my students something to reflect on as they rest.

5. My Edward and I – Dario Marianelli: taken from the score of Jane Eyre. It is a stunning classical composition, both wistful and uplifting in equal measure.

“I defy anyone to listen to this and not to be moved.”

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6. One River – Benjy Wertheimer, John De Kadt: this is the most spritely choice on the list. It has percussion that hops above classical Indian strings. Consequently, I find it to be particularly great in yoga practices where lightness is needed.

7. I Promise – Alex Kozobolis: A perfect track for restorative practices such as yin-yoga or healing. This composition of dancing piano notes blends the nostalgic with the sublime. Deeply relaxing, a piece of music that seems to wash your concerns away.

8. Devi Prayer – Craig Pruess & Ananda: the music of the Divine Mother. Craig Pruess is an American composer and musician who has worked with the likes of Massive Attack and Def Leppard. This hypnotic mantra delivered by a voice that sounds like it’s channelling ancient wisdom soars over an expansive soundscape. In almost every Reiki healing we do, I use this piece of music, as it invokes an unparalleled sense of unconditional love. What is Reiki Healing? I defy anyone to listen to this and not be moved.

9. Reiki Healing Waves – Parijat: Does what it says on the tin! Undoubtedly, when this piece was conceived and recorded, it was imbued with Reiki healing—melodious, hypnotic and laced with a sense of mystery. Therefore, I love this for the beginning of any practice as it settles me into a great sense of concentration and calm.

10. Shanti (Peace Out) – MC YOGI: a track that opens with the sound of waves and remains ambient throughout. The lilting calls of the female singer contrast beautifully against the low echo of the backing chanters. As a result, this piece of music is perfect for the close of any practice.

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