Hello, I’m Maria

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Psychic Readings, Oracle Cards, and Energy Readings

I am a clairvoyant medium, and a CMA accredited sound healer, known for my natural affinity to galactic energies.

My souls mission is to guide and elevate the collective, and my offering includes healing with sound frequency and sharing messages and guidance as a cosmic channel.

Originally from Sweden, I came to London in my early 20’s to peruse a career in event management. My successful career came with a fast passed life, which eventually led to a professional burn-out. It was through my own healing journey I learned to embrace a more holistic way of life. I trained as a yoga teacher in 2017, and guided by my love for music, a year later I gained my sound healer certification.

Having Inherited the clairvoyant gifts from my grandmother, I’ve always felt a strong connection to otherworldly and galactic realms, and I’ve frequently received telepathic messages from spirit and light beings, and I’ve always been able to read the energy of people (and situations), but it was following my reiki attunment in 2018 my mediumship fully activated and I began to offer readings to others.

In my sittings I share guidance and messages which I receive as visions, in telepathic communication and via emotional Imprints (an empathic connection).


Maria has an incredible ability to connect with my energy. She accurately predicted I would find a partner, and it happened. What sets Maria apart is her compassionate nature and genuine care. She offered spiritual insight and practical guidance, encouraging me to embrace self-love and open myself to new experiences. I have returned to Maria several times for both psychic guidance, and energy healing. I’d highly recommend her for a transformative journey.


Maria reading was insightful and thought-provoking, she offered a fresh perspective on something I been stuck on for a while. I left not just informed, but genuinely inspired by the depth of her wisdom. She’s has such a delicate delivery, and offers amazing guidance.

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Training & Skills

Yin Yoga TT 200h, 2017 – Within Yin
Restorative Yoga TT 50h, 2017 – Yoga London
Reiki level 1 & 2, 2018 – East London Reiki
Sound Healer Facilitator Training, 2019 – Sound Therapy, Sweden
Reiki Master Level, 2022 – Place of Bliss Academy
CMA Accredited