Spiritual Incense

Introducing our range of handcrafted luxury incense, traditionally prepared in the Himalayas.

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incense cleansing ritual

We’ve worked with local artisans to combine pure ingredients & traditional craftsmanship with our intuition guidance for incense to ground, heal, awaken and support.

incense cleansing ritual
best incense for cleansing crystals

Carefully designed recipes that align to your space, mood and energetic goal.

Each blend is specially selected and hand rolled with intention, so that the naturally-derived fragrance carries with it a specific energetic vibration and purpose.

The burning time of each stick is approximately 1 hour

Includes: 29 Sticks

Clean, smooth burning

Vegan | Ethically sourced and produced | Pure essential oils | Chemical free

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incense cleansing ritual

5 distinct fragrances.

Spiritual intention rolled into every stick.

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incense for intuition

No. 01: Intuition Amplifier

Made from power-ingredient red jasmine; giving it a rich, sweet & earthy aroma, which enhances relaxation, groundedness and ignites your intuition. Burn this agarbatti to generate feelings of calm and realign you with your inner tutor.

Aroma: Rich, Sweet and Earthy

Chakra: Third Eye

incense for protection

No. 02: Space Clearing

Made from a special blend of lighter herbs and subtle flower oils, this agarbatti emanates a pleasant, sweet fragrance that purifies the atmosphere, leaving it harmonized and tranquil. Perfect for preparing any space for meditation, healing or ceremony. 

Aroma: Pleasant, Sweet and Fresh

Chakra: Heart

sandalwood incense for cleansing

No. 03: Energy Healing

Blending two precious classics: saffron and sandalwood, which, when combined, have a euphoric yet grounding effect that promotes a sense of well-being. This agarbatti is wonderful for removing and repairing spent, stale and unwanted energy. 

Aroma: Spiced, Rich and Earthy

Chakra: All Major & Minor

incense for grounding

No. 04: Grounding & Protection

Sandalwood is a rare aromatic plant, mainly used in religious ceremonies for its purity and cleansing powers. Its sweet aroma has a cooling effect on Mind, Body and Soul. This homemade blend of sandalwood paste and natural herbs purify the environment, your aura and generates a sense of centredness. 

Aroma: Earthy, Sweet and Rich

Chakra: Root

incense for ritual

No. 05: Connect with your Guides

Made from lotus oil, this agarbatti cultivates mental clarity, increased focus and activates the crown chakra. Lotus is known for its mysterious and mystical persona, making this exotic, floral fragrance perfect for enhancing connectivity to Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. 

Aroma: Floral, Exotic and Fresh

Chakra: Crown