Please note that many of the teachings below are from Lucy Aumonier,  given with permission. However, they may not be copied, distributed or edited in any way without prior consent given.

I have noticed a particular trend in psychic and metaphysic discussions, which is the need to ‘protect’ oneself. There is a lot of genuine fear surrounding picking up something nefarious, an ‘entity’ or somebody’s ‘negative’ energy. Firstly, I would like to say this: it is the fear of something that gives it its power. Secondly, having something in your auric field that wishes you harm is so rare – and I mean rare.

“We need to drop the word ‘protection'”

Finally, we need to drop the word ‘protection’, “I need to protect myself against other people’s negative energy”, is so anxiety based, so judgemental, that it is counter-intuitive. It is for this reason, I adopt Lucy Aumonier’s (an amazing healer at The College of Psychic Studies) term, ‘contain’. “I contain my energy so that I may not be affected by that which does not belong to me”. How much better is that? It still empowers you; it still holds firm ‘what is mine and what is yours’, but without this idea that you need to shield yourself from the curses of others! Ultimately, the perception that negative is ‘wrong’ isn’t helpful; it’s simply different. Everything is neutral until we give it power.

So below I have outlined some simple but amazingly effective techniques for you to get more contained. I’m working off the assumption – as you are reading an article on energetic containment – that you have a firm grasp of energy and auras (if not you can read about it here). Additionally that you have some knowledge and techniques for grounding/earthing – if you need some ideas or a refresher, find out more here.

how to protect your aura from negative energy

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“We are all born with natural energetic protection; it is a part of your DNA; it is your aura.”

What is ‘Containing your Energy’?

We are all born with natural energetic protection; it is a part of your DNA; it is your aura. So it is not something some people have, and others don’t, but instead something you need to be aware and care for. It is helpful to think of the aura as an ‘egg’ as it gives it structure and a tangible form with which you can work. This is what contains your energy means, consciously working with your natural defences. Also, containment and grounding are intrinsically linked; you cannot do one without the other; that is why I mention grounding in the methods below.

When Should I Contain My Energy?

The short answer is: you cannot ground or contain too much. In theory, you can, but in our society, where our connection with nature is so lacking, it is almost impossible to overdo either. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to set up a regular habit or ritual for your grounding/containment: I do it each morning before I leave the house to prepare myself for the day. However, you will also want to contain your energy when:

  1. You find yourself in a ‘yucky’ situation. For example, you know when you’ve worked into a room where there has been an argument, and you can feel the tension? This is a great time to use your containment techniques.
  2. If you are about to embark on energetic work, be it healing, psychic readings or mediumship.

4 Steps for Containing your Energy

Please note you can do the below in any order, each person will have different preferences; experiment and find out which works best for you:

1. Increase the protection of your egg:

This is the outer layer of your aura; think of it like a membrane (as described above). Cover it with these three colours: royal purple (for sovereignty), then turquoise (for healing), finally brilliant gold (for deflection). Additionally, on the inside of your aura (for it is space and the Universe will fill it if you do not), picture either a lavender mist, electric blue light or anything that you feel you need.

protection from negative energy symbol

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
2. Ask your Guides

There are several parts to this:

a) Close your eyes and ask your guides or angel (or whomever you like) what colour you need to wrap your egg in today, this will change daily. Once you have received the information, envisage the colour moving down, along the front of your aura, below your feet, running up your back, over your head and then back to the starting position. Then run the colour from left to right or vice versa, so all the outer layer is covered. Do not use the colour red (as it can invoke strong emotions in others, however unconsciously) or white (this is a tone that will induce a lot of attention on the spirit-side, much like a lightbulb in the dark).

b)  Pray to your helpers to aid you in strengthing your aura; to restore balance and mend any holes or tears. You can imagine this like a plasterer with a trowel, cementing and smoothing over any areas that are damaged or have thinned. Do this as regularly as you feel you need, but you are unlikely to need to do this every day.

c) Ask your doorkeeper/gatekeeper to keep out anything that will not serve you. If you do not have your own invocation, you can use something like: “Dear Doorkeeper, I ask for your full and divine protection against anything that might harm me, and anything that is not for my highest good. Thank you and Amen”.

3. Find your centre

By this I mean find the place where you feel most balanced. There are several techniques for this: imagining a line in from of you and on every in-breath you draw it closer in towards you, until finally, it rests in you, restoring equilibrium. Or you can send a circuit through your roots (see below), moving the positive/negative, masculine/feminine, dark/light in a continuous loop from left -> right and vice versa. Whatever works for you to feel as though you’re not unanchored or off-footed.

4. Send down your roots

Complete the process by grounding and sending your roots down from your base chakra, along the legs and into the centre of the Earth.

I strongly recommend you keep a journal/diary documenting any differences you notice: What colours or guidance you’re given. What times you feel like you need grounding or containing the most. These records will provide you with such a deep understanding of your energetic landscape.

I’d love to hear how these methods work for you. Leave your experiences in comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for more great content like this.

Cover photo by Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash


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