Whether you’re reaching for your own deck or booking in with a reader, the right preparation can make all the difference.

So how do you prepare for a Tarot reading?

A great Tarot reading is one that provides you with insights, feedback and reflection into your future, past or present and leaves you feeling positive. Tarot can bring you so many gifts of reassurance, connection to your highest potential as well as the time to explore your inner wisdom. But if it’s your first time visting a reader, it can be a little daunting as you’re stepping into the unknown. If you’re reading for yourself, you want to make sure that you’re in the best energetic space possible.

To access the gifts of Tarot, we need to lay the right foundations:

    • Create privacy and comfort
    • Declutter and clear your space
    • Check in with your expectations
    • Set intentions
    • Settle and ground

Your physical space – how to prepare for an at-home Tarot reading.

At home readings, whether on Zoom or as part of your personal own practice, require a few things:

1. Make the space feel private and comfortable.

Comfort means different things to different people so take time to remember what makes you feel relaxed but alert.

2. Declutter, and ideally do a space clearing

When you visit a reader, they will have spent some time energetically cleansing their space before and after seeing clients. If you’re doing an at-home reading or a reader is visting you, you should make sure that your environment is energetically cleansed. Discover easy ways to cleanse your home of negative energy. Our No.2 Space Clearing spiritual incense is perfect tool to help you with this.

When not to read Tarot cards

It’s normal to have expectations, worries or hopes for a reading. After all, many of us reach for our decks or book a session with a problem to solve or a goal in mind. And that’s great – we know the power of Tarot to provide clarity and a way forward. But there is a line. Take some time to become aware of what you want to get out of the session.

Remember, a reading will not tell you what to do, or what’s going to happen.

A good reading will leave you feeling grounded, supported and clearer. You should not use Tarot cards when you’re wanting prediction, to understand the wants and thoughts of another person or anything else that disempowers you.

Set a few intentions or questions for a Tarot reading

You’ve checked that you’re not harnessing unrealistic expectations. Now set your intentions. These could be in the form of:

    • Questions you’d like to answer (What steps should I take within my career? How can I align myself to my soul’s purpose?)
    • A list of a practical areas you’d like to look at (love, health, wealth)

A great approach is to think about:

    • The fears you’d like to feel braver about
    • Uncertainties you’d like some clarity around
    • Talents, dreams and aspirations you would like to cultivate

Settle and ground in the present moment

And finally, let go of your intentions and settle into the present moment. A reading is a way into insight, so the best preparation you can do is to feel open, comfortable and receptive.

If you feel busy, rushed or distracted, it will be harder to connect with the Tarot. Think of the things you do to settle your mind and body. It might be as simple as lying on the floor, going for a short walk or sitting quietly for a while. For tips on grounding as a daily ritual head here.

You don’t need to be an expert, have years of experience, or be perfectly centred to have a good reading.

A common misconception is that you have to be ‘good’ at reading or very experienced with the Tarot to access those gifts. Experience helps, but most important is that the reading is coming from and into a well-prepared space both physically and energetically.

New to reading Tarot? Set up your space and trust!

If you’re new to Tarot, either for yourself or with a reader, setting up your space is really ALL you need. When we set up our space right, the foundations are there for a great reading.

We’re waiting for your booking! Our readers are especially excited to offer you your first reading.