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A free 75-minute online workshop: Strengthen and connect with your intuition, through fun try-at-home exercises and fascinating know-how.

How to Connect with your Intuition

Join Fiongal Greenlaw, founder of The Wellness Foundry, and Pixie Carney of Aho London for a free 75-minute online webinar: How to connect with your intuition.

Intuition draws from that deep memory well to inform your decisions going forward.

But sometimes we can second-guess ourselves, or get so caught up in the chaos of day-to-day living that we lose the ability to trust ourselves.

+ Have you ever made a decision and then later kicked yourself for not going with your gut instinct?

+ Do you wish you could hear your inner voice a little louder and clearer?

+ Are you in touch with your intuition, but wish to develop it further?


Fiongal and Pixie will be teaching you:

+ What the difference is between intuition and gut-instinct

+ Fun & accessible try-at-home techniques, tricks and life-hacks

+ How to better access your subconscious, dreams and inner-knowing

+ Why it is so important to develop this skill

+ The signs that your intuition is working


Why is it a free event?

This is a free taster session for our Intuitive Development Circle; a group run by Fiongal and Pixie helping those who wish to deepen their intuitive practices & inner wisdom. We will be giving you further details on the webinar.

We firmly believe by connecting with our intuition and inner knowing, we can make better decisions and choices and be happier on our life’s path. If we can help others, in whatever way, we feel as though we’ve done a great service.



You will be sent a URL link to the meeting room 24hours before the start of the Webinar.


This is a free event. However, if you know that you will be unable to attend the webinar, please request a refund as places are limited and it will allow others to take your spot.

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Author: Fiongal

My name is Fiongal Greenlaw. I am the founder of The Wellness Foundry, London.

Several years ago, my health hit crisis point because of the constant pressure I was putting on myself. So I began a journey to find a solution to my condition:

I discovered many incredible practices, and my relief was so great, that I was driven to share these treatments with others. Since then I feel as though I have aligned with my life’s purpose: to help others on their journey.

Signing up to a newsletter isn't a big deal. Transforming your life is.

Signing up to a newsletter isn't a big deal. Transforming your life is.

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