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Our Intuitive Readings Offering:

All our readings will give you clarity, direction and the inspiration you need wherever you are on your journey.

Our sessions are held in a welcoming, safe and confidential setting with our experienced and trusted practitioners. Either on Zoom or in-person in London. International Clients: bookings times are shown in military time, i.e. 07:00 is 7 a.m.

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We can’t take same-day bookings and missed appointments or cancellations of less than 48hrs cannot be refunded.

Tarot/Psychic Reading

If you’re needing direction, reassurance & clarity in your life, then a Tarot/psychic reading is the answer you’re looking for.

Each of our readers uses a blend of Tarot, Oracle cards as well as working with their Spirit Guides to give you an in-depth and empowering sitting.

Sittings are offered in-person in London or via Zoom. 30 & 60-min readings available* (please note Fiongal only offers 60-min sittings)

All sessions include: time for questions & mp4 recording


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Spiritual Energy Healing

A Spiritual and Energy Healing with Mandy includes energy healing that sends light via the body’s energy channels to dissolve emotional distortions, energetic blocks and physical discomfort.

Followed by a cleanse and smoothing down of the aura and intuitive feedback after the session.

Sittings are 60 minutes and offered in-person in Seaton, Devon or via Zoom

All sessions include: intuitive feedback & time for questions


past-life regression

Astrology Birth Chart

A key to self-awareness and understanding your lived experience

Learning your Astrological placements is extremely validating, because it points to the energies that play out in our choices and experiences.

To receive an accurate chart reading, you will need your exact birth time, location, and date.

Choose from 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions. Offered via Zoom only.

All sessions include: time for questions and a mp4 recording


past-life regression

Past Life Regression

Have a sense that you’ve been here before? Want to know where certain behaviours and predilections originate? Know that someone is your twinflame or a soul mate?

In these 1:1 sessions, you will be guided safely through a deep relaxation meditation and to retrieve information about your past life.

Sessions are 90mins and offered in-person in London or via Zoom.

All sessions include: time for questions & mp4 recording


spirit guide drawing

Spirit Guide Reading + Portrait

A unique offering: receive a portrait of your Spirit Guide, whilst also being given messages and guidance.

This one-of-a-kind sitting allows you to not only connect with your spirit team, but also to take home a beautiful drawing to treasure for life.

Sittings are 60 minutes & offered in-person in London or via Zoom

All sessions include: time for questions, drawing & mp4 recording


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