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Full Moon Ceremonies

Monthly in-person gatherings that cultivate abundance & manifest your intentions.

Full Moon Ceremonies

Monthly in-person gatherings that cultivate abundance & manifest your intentions.

Our Next Full Moon Ceremony:

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Full Strawberry Moon Ceremony

Saturday, 22nd June 2024 at 19:45

Our Moonlit Tribe gathers for a ceremony to honour Summer Solstice, Mother Earth and the sacred energies of June’s Full Strawberry Moon.

Opening our Heart and Third Eye chakras with ceremonial cacao, we will encode ritual crystals and invoke our Spirit Guides to work with us through guided vocal meditation, sound, song & Reiki healing.

We will feast on a Full Moon treat!


Level: Open to all | Location: London, SE1 | Investment: £45

What is a Full Moon Ceremony?

A Full Moon Ceremony is a spiritual ritual celebrating when the Moon is fully illuminated

It harnesses the energies of the Full Moon for intention-setting manifestation

A golden opportunity to release and letting go of what no longer serves you

This exclusive (8 spots only) in-person event is one of our most popular Experience Offerings.

What Happens During a Full Moon Ceremony?

  1. Opening the circle: Learn the energies surrounding the Full Moon and how it influences your life. Receive a charged crystal to work with during the ceremony.
  2. Deep meditative journey: Rebecca uses guided visualisations, healing sounds and enchanted vocals to ground, open your heart space, and clear energies that no longer serve you.
  3. Group Reiki healing and personal psychic messages: Co-creating a sense of communal spirit, our Moonlit Tribe recieves Rebecca’s guidance and healing.
  4. Find a renewed sense of self: and reconnect through the ancient practice of Moon ritual!
  5. Ceremonial tea and an indulgent treat: delight your senses and celebrate abundance!

Want to receive priority access to our future full moon ceremonies?

Join our Moonlit Tribe and get up-to-date information on all our upcoming gatherings.

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About Your Practitioner:

Meet Rebecca, a gifted psychic and energy healer, with a profound connection to the Moon’s beauty, mystery, and potent creative energies.

Rooted in her Celtic and Native American heritage, she has always found herself inexorably drawn to this celestial force. It’s within this lineage she discovered a profound resonance with the Moon, recognising it as a powerful symbol and source of inspiration for her own spiritual awakening.

In her practice, Rebecca directs her psychic gifts to create a sacred space where people can attune to the ever-changing energies of the Moon and unlock deeper understanding of themselves.


How long does a session last?

Our full moon ceremonies are usually 90 minutes. On special occasions, like Halloween, they are up to 2 hours.


What are the benefits of taking part in a Full Moon Ceremony with The Wellness Foundry?
  • Sense of community
  • Healing through release
  • Guided harnessing of the Full Moon energy for intention setting and manifestation
  • Free takeway gifts
  • Aftercare (follow-up emails and support from Rebecca)
What should I bring and prepare for my first Full Moon Ceremony with The Wellness Foundry?

What to Bring:

  • Comfy clothes
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water bottle

What to Prepare:

Set your intentions: Think about what you would like to manifest under the energy of the Full Moon. What people, places, or things that no longer serve you would you like to release? What kind of energies, changes, or improvements would you like to harness during this Full Moon?

If you have a crystal you like to work with and would like to recharge during the session, feel free to bring it along.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you’re very welcome to bring whomever you like. Please bear in mind seats are limited for 8 spots per session, so ensure you book early.