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how to strengthen your intuition

7 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition and Your 6th Sense

7 Powerful Ways to Tap into Your Intuition and Learn to Trust It Intuition is not the easiest thing for us to develop. Unfortunately, we’re far more likely to value logic, theory, and intelligence over our own intuition. This reliance on critical thinking does mean we...
How to do a tarot reading on yourself

7 Top Tips for Self-Reading with the Tarot

How to Do a Tarot Reading on Yourself As Tarot readers, we've all done it: deliberated whether to practise our reading skills for ourselves or seek professional guidance on a burning answer. Reading for yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. Because it...

How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading

Whether you're reaching for your own deck or booking in with a reader, the right preparation can make all the difference. So how do you prepare for a Tarot reading? A great Tarot reading is one that provides you with insights, feedback and reflection into your future,...
benefits of spiritual retreats

10 Things I’ve Learnt from Going on Retreat

Benefits of spiritual retreats: It might seem bizarre, even absurd, to go into a retreat setting after a year in and out of lockdown, but these days I’m more grateful than ever that going on retreat is part of my wellbeing practice. Here are just some of the benefits...
zoom fatigue tips

Zoom Fatigue: Our Top Tips and Solutions to Overcome the Drain

Got Zoom fatigue? Tips and solutions of what to do: Video calls have become the new normal, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. Zoom can be more draining than face-to-face interactions, which for many comes as a surprise. So why do we get so exhausted being virtual,...
Tarot Reading Tips

6 Ways to Become a Better Tarot Reader

"What does that mean?" – Easy fixes to overcome difficult messages and become a better Tarot reader and psychic. Sometimes, when you're doing a reading, either for yourself, friends or a client, you receive guidance or a message, ever find yourself thinking, "What...
awakening your psychic powers

Am I Psychic? 7 Ways to Know that you Have Psychic Abilities

Am I Psychic? Do you ever get the sense that you might be psychic? Have you intuited something happening before it does? Does your gut instinct lead you in the right direction time and time again? Maybe you're uncertain that it means anything? Or perhaps it even...
how to read tarot cards

My Top 8 Tips for Reading the Tarot: The Dos and Don’ts

I've taught many people how to read the Tarot and I’ve developed a list of dos and don’ts. So whether you’re a veteran reader or new, here are my top tips that you will find invaluable: Don't look up Tarot card 'meanings' I cannot stress enough but please do not look...
Gong Baths

What is a Gong Bath?

What is a gong bath meditation? Over the past few years, gong bath meditation has grown to be one of my favourite things. They are my go-to restorative practice in times of stress or dis-ease, yet they are so much more than just about relaxing. A lot of people have...

Ultimate Guide to Energetic Protection

Please note that many of the teachings below are from Lucy Aumonier,  given with permission. However, they may not be copied, distributed or edited in any way without prior consent given.I have noticed a particular trend in psychic and metaphysic...
Best Tarot Decks

10 Best Tarot Decks

\ Lots of people ask me what is a good Tarot deck to start with if they want to start learning the tarot, or if they simply want to get a new pack. So I’ve compiled a list of my Top 10 Tarot Decks. I have given a variety of styles, age suitability and different...
how to see auras for beginners

Everything You Need to Know about Auras

What is an aura? Before the nuclear age, the common perception was that everything was made up of matter. Then, scientists split the atom and discovered that this isn't the case, for truly, everything in the Universe is made up of energy, vibrating at different...
reiki meditation music

My Top 10: Relaxing Tracks

I use music in almost all my yoga classes, healings and intuitive practices. The soothing power of sound is well-established. Firstly, it has a unique link to our emotions and therefore instantly changes our mood and energy in a room. Secondly, it induces feelings of...
how to cleanse your home

7 Simple Steps to Cleanse Your House of Negative Energy

Space clearing needn’t be complicated; it can be easy to cleanse negative energy and create balance throughout your home. Our resident psychic and founder, Fiongal Greenlaw shares his go-to ritual: All of our homes contain energy, and sometimes that energy needs...
how to ground

Secrets on How to Ground

The Importance of Grounding Before I set up The Wellness Foundry, I always struggled with grounding. So much so that it was one of the main reasons I ended up in hospital. I wish someone had explained the benefits of grounding to me back when I was starting my...
types of spirit guides

What People Don’t Tell You About Spirit Guides

It is pretty common these days to hear the term 'Spirit Guides', yet, there can be some confusion as to what they actually are. So, I aim to dispel many misconceptions and clarify the terminology surrounding Guides. Firstly, everybody has Spirit Guides - even if you...
Quartz Crystal

Top 6 Tips for Cleansing your Crystals

As many of us know, crystals are a wonderful inclusion to our wellbeing practices. The stones hold our intentions, offer an energy boost as well as healing. However, it is essential to understand the materials and how to cleanse crystals properly: What does ‘cleansing...
Chakra Crystal

Crystal Starter Kit: 12 Things You Need

 Not sure what crystals you need in a starter-kit, but would love to have one? No problem. I have compiled a comprehensive list below. Note that this is just a guide, many practitioners have their own preferences, so always follow your instinct when sourcing your...