Dancing into Layers of your Being

In this 4-hour online ecstatic dance workshop, we will be mapping your energetic body hologram using the tools of Ecstatic Awakening Dance and Moon wisdom to initiate your intuition.


About this Event

In this session you will be developing your Awareness of your Whole Energetic Body using Ecstatic Dance to explore all the layers of your Being. Arriving in this state of wholeness will allow you to find your unique flow with Life and elevate into ecstasy and pleasure, retuning into your natural state of ease, compassion, gratitude and Love.


In this 4-hour online workshop, we will:

  • Be using the energies of the New Moon in Taurus to take us on a journey in our intuitive knowing relationship to the collective.

  • Experience the method of Ecstatic Awakening Dance using elements such as Breathe of Fire, Shaking and Ecstatic Dance to help you connect your Source within.

  • Map our bodies to develop a deeper awareness and inner compass to direct us into deeper caverns of our being and the journey we are on.

  • Explore how we relate to our bodies and the energetics stored there, so we can open up to our capacity to heal ourselves.

  • Use alignment tools to calibrate your physical and energetic bodies.

  • Create a resource of intuitive body guidance for you to take off the mat, into your life and healing journey.

What’s Included:

  • Body Mapping

  • Warm Up

  • Shake

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Drop (Corpse Pose/Shavasāna)

  • Meditation

  • Energetic Body Calibration & Alignment.

  • Recording of the Session.

Please bring:

  1. Note book and pen.
  2. Yoga Block or stack of books.
  3. Wear something Comfortable – I recommend a Sports Bra if you usually wear one!
  4. Create a Safe Clear Space for you to Dance and lie down. If you are dancing alone, try to create a BeautyFull Container and use a Do Not Disturb sign so you aren’t interrupted.
  5. Arrive in your Space and settle in. Breathe, stretch and ground yourself before we begin.
  6. Have a Warm room or extra Jumper so your Body can Fully Relax.
  7. Sound needs to be Immersive as you can make it. Phone with Headphones or Laptop with Speakers etc.
  8. Light needs to be gentle and warm if possible – fairylights of downlit lamps are perfect.
  9. We dance in Bare Feet.
  10. If you’re Sharing your Space and experience with another Dancer just Twirl around in a circle to make sure you don’t bang into one another.
  11. (Note a 30-minute comfort break included).


When: Sunday 16th May 2021  | 15:30 GMT (10:30 EST)


Where: Zoom


Price £45 (£33.75 for members)


About the teacher:

Rebecca is an Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher, Visual Artist, & Shamanic Practitioner and owner of Wild Moon. Her practice helps you to create a Safe, Expressive Space of Acceptance and Open Body Awareness where you can explore the deeper parts of yourself without thought. She is currently developing the Wild Moon Oracle Deck and establishing herself as an Energetic and Shamanic Embodiment Coach. She is affiliated with School of Ecstatic Movement and is currently deepening her journey into Shamanic Healing.

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The workshop is online, can this still be effective?

Yes, energy is not confined to space; instead, we are working with intention. We have had an excellent response to all of our online workshops; the power of working as a collective enhances the energy.

Do I need any experience?

No, this workshop is designed as much for people just starting their spiritual journey and advanced practitioners. This workshop will give you a great life guidance tool.


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