Not sure what crystals you need in a starter-kit, but would love to have one?

No problem. I have compiled a comprehensive list below. Note that this is just a guide, many practitioners have their own preferences, so always follow your instinct when sourcing your stones.

(N.B. Please see my other post here if you are unfamiliar with cleansing techniques for crystals. This is essential for any newly acquired stone.)

Why use crystals at all?

Crystals are formed by alignments (or grids) of minerals over a period of time. This formation, or lattice, is structured in a way that it emits an energy field around it. A good example is that of a quartz watch – the energy it gives off is used to regulate time. Certain crystals have different properties and therefore unique vibrational energy, some are good for healing, some for having around the home, others protect against electrical radiation.

Below I will be concentrating on crystals used in healing an intuitive work.

For the chakras:

  1. Root Chakra / Mūlādhāra: Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Ruby
  2. Sacral Chakra / Svādhisthāna: Orange Calcite
  3. Solar Plexus / Manipūra: Citrine
  4. Heart Chakra / Anāhata: Rose Quartz, Green Emerald, Serpentine
  5. Throat Chakra / Viśuddha: Topaz or Turquoise
  6. Third Eye Chakra / Ājña: Azurite, Lazuli, Sodalite
  7. Crown Chakra / Sahasrāra: (sometimes associated with pink also): Amethyst

Other materials in a good starter-kit:

  1. Black Tourmaline – Excellent for repelling any negative energy. You should have, at the very least, one piece of tourmaline in a crystal collection. What is better, is a piece in the four corners of the room in which you practice healing. Better still, is in the four corners of every room in your house.
  2. Selenite Wands – A personal favourite. These gypsum crystals are great for any yoga practitioners; lay two wands on either side of your mat as you practice a sequence and it will collect any positive energy. When in śavasana (corpse pose), hold them in your hands to reabsorb all the beautiful effects. (N.B. Do not expose selenite to water)
  3. Kyanite – is a black-grey, ‘feathered’ mineral can also be used to remove negative attachments. This substance is fabled to be the material of Archangels Michael’s sword, and the Archangel Michael is the spirit that is called upon to cut cords.
  4. A smudging stick– (this can either handmade or bought). A small bundle of dried herbs often bound with string. Traditionally made from sage, but it can be combined with other plants such as rosemary or mugwort. When burnt, it breaks down negative energy that tends to ‘clump’ together. (A Tibetan singing bowl has the same effect).
  5. Pola Santo (or holy wood) –  This is a tree native to South America and Mexico. The wood’s smoke does the opposite to sage, encouraging positive energy to come in.

Full Starter Kit

Au naturel or tumbled?

There are differing opinions as to which form of crystal is best. Some practitioners lean towards the natural, unworked state, but what is most important is your connection to the stone. Whether it has been tumbled (smoothed) or is in its raw form makes little difference if you feel an affinity with it.

Where to buy:

We hold a select few special pieces at the wellness foundry so you can check out our shop here Otherwise It is best to buy your crystals from a reputable shop . If there is no crystal shop nearby, check your local outdoor market, as often there will be a crystal stallholder. If you can’t find what you need locally, the internet is a good option, but only consider websites with a good refund policy.

The more expensive, the better, right?

No. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on crystals. Even small, cheaper stones work well for healing and intentions. I have paid as little as £2.50 ($3.50) for mine, and they perform wonderfully. Work meekly at first, moving onto more substantial investments later.

A word from Mother Earth

As the popularity of these amazing minerals grows, so does the demand; crystals are being farmed in more and more damaging ways. Please ensure that you are sourcing from ethical suppliers.

Any questions, please say: