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Spiritual Courses, Workshops & Events

Wherever you are on your journey, we have some of the best spiritual courses to help you strengthen your gifts, connect with yourself on a deeper level & meet a community of like-minded souls.

From our monthly Full Moon Ceremonies, Learning the Tarot to our ongoing Psychic Development Courses.


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Monthly In-Person Full Moon Ceremonies

Each Ceremony is a bespoke creation guided by Rebecca, our Resident Reiki and Energy Healer.

Designed to expand your consciousness and inspire you to work in harmony with the moon’s natural energies.

This is an exclusive (8 spots only) in-person event. | Location: London, SE1 7SJ


Psychic Development Courses

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Opening to the Light | Introductory

Begins 28th January 2024

6 Weeks | Online | £205

Discover the fundamentals of psychic development. Learn how to manage and protect your energies. Receive the expert guidance & knowledge you need to harness your psychic gifts.


psychic development groups near me

Channelling the Light | Foundation

Begins 29th January 2024

8 Weeks | Online | £265

The natural progression for those who have completed the Introductory course. Learn the art of giving accurate channelled readings from your Guides and Spirit.


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A Pathway to Light | Intermediate

Begins 30th January 2024

8 Weeks | Online | £265

Deepen your connection with your Guides, Spirit and yourself and sharpen the accuracy of your gifts to channel transformative information and guidance.


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Embracing the Light Within | Advanced

Coming 2024

8 Weeks | Online


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