Corporate Yoga

We have worked with:

We have worked with:

• Want to improve the health of your staff members to boost morale & the bottom line?

• Need to implement a hassle-free wellness system into your workplace?

• Looking to show your appreciation to your employees?

Wellness Programmes for the Work Place:


The Wellness Foundry offers a range of tailor-made packages for corporate clients in-and-around London. Teaching practical and hands-on skills that employees can positively implement into their workday. Packages include:

  • Regular, weekly yoga classes at head-offices, co-working spaces, etc.
  • Mindfulness and meditation sessions
  • One-off bonuses, rewards or staff-day events
  • Day or weekend retreats at off-site locations

All offerings are suitable for complete beginners as well as though that have a regular practice.

Benefits to Employees:

✧ Reduces stress levels

✧ Combats fatigue and lethargy

✧ Increases concentration and focus

✧ Boosts the immune system | Less susceptible to illness

✧ Strengthens the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

✧ Increases flexibility to counteract postural problems and RSI

✧ Boosts productivity and morale

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Services Offered:

Vinyāsa Yoga:

Vinyāsa is a dynamic, energizing practice. It uses a flowing, continuous sequence in coordination with the breath. Consequently, increasing muscle strength, improving the cardiovascular system and aiding weight loss.

Yin Yoga:

The basis of Yin-yoga is a deeply calming, therapeutic type of practice, which allows time and gravity to take you deeper into poses, not pushing yourself into them. An excellent method for alleviating stress and anxiety as well as improving sleep quality.

Mindfulness and Meditation:

Techniques presented in accessible and practical terms, such as short guided visualizations and breath work, which staff can implement into their everyday working life. As a result, employees will be less stressed, more patient and can focus better.

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Fiongal is an amazing yoga practitioner, who has worked with our high-end clients such as The White Company, UCL & Wahaca. He makes employees feel at ease and safe, and he has an acute sense of what each needs to progress on their wellness journey.

He develops incredible yoga programmes and offers his skills with great care and due diligence.

Grace Graham

Founder, WorkSpa


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