About this Event:

Fiongal, from The Wellness Foundry, and Pixie, from Aho London, will lead a 1h 45min Cord-cutting Masterclass online workshop (via Zoom) delving deep into the subject of energetic cords. In addition to practical exercises to cut any cords that might exist.

Cords are energetic ties or connections, which can negatively connect us to people, places or thought-forms, like addictions, obsessions or any compulsive disorder.

What are the signs that you might have energetic cords?

  • Energy levels are depleted, chronic fatigue
  • Having feelings of depression, hopelessness
  • Giving in to unhealthy habits such as – smoking, overeating, excessive drinking/drug use
  • Having repetitive conversations with someone in your head
  • Obsessing or seeking out ways to get revenge
  • You find yourself with getting caught in stalker-like behaviour, monitoring the other person’s every move
  • You’re constantly battling illness
  • You simply feel off and are in stagnation
  • Inability to attract a new mate

Included in the Cord-Cutting Masterclass:

An introduction to what energy cords are. Simple, yet effective, techniques to diagnose your negative cord status. Several practical methods and meditations in order to rid yourself of the connections you do not want.

As a result, you will come away from this workshop with an amazing life-skill, which will make your experiences with others and yourself more harmonious.

Donation Based:

In these current circumstances, we would like to offer you this workshop on a donation basis (suggested donation £10), because we know it will greatly help and assist people in these troubling times.


The workshop is online, will it still be effective?

Yes. Firstly, energy isn’t confined by time and space, only by intention. Secondly, we have run many of these types of webinars before will great effect; finding that when you work in your own home and space, the results can be very powerful.

I haven’t attended your other courses and workshops, will I be out of my depth?

Not at all; we have purposefully made all the teachings and exercises accessible and easy to relate to. Therefore all levels are welcome.

What should I bring?

Fiongal Greenlaw, the founder of The Wellness Foundry, is a Tarot master, psychic & spiritual advisor. He has been listed in Time Out’s Top 7 Places to have a Tarot Reading. He has read for hundreds of clients as well as running events for corporate clients such as Harvey Nichols, L’Oréal, Crabtree & Evelyn and House of Hackney. Fiongal is the in-house tarot practitioner at LIFESPACE, Notting Hill.

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Pixie P Carney is a Psychic life guide, Tarot Advisor & Shamanic Healer. Pixie is from an ancient Irish linage of healers, medicine people & psychics. She has a weekly residency at ‘Mysteries’ in Covent Garden, and reads on Skype to a worldwide clientele. Pixie holds workshops and retreats and has worked with TV’s Made in Chelsea and Brits Awards 2020.