People often ask me why I believe in Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. All I can do is recount the times they have given their help and saved the life of mother and me.

This is what happened…

Some years ago my mum struggled with mental health issues. At one of her lowest points, when my father, sister or I weren’t around to help, she felt compelled to look up to the sky and call “Please help me, I feel so alone.”

Thirty minutes later there was a knock on the door. It was my mum’s brother.

We hardly ever saw my Uncle, maybe once or twice a year when he visited with his wife and two children. He and my mother rarely spoke, not because they didn’t get on, it was just how it was.

“I am in no doubt that that visit saved her life.”

“The strangest thing just happened”, he explained. “About half-an-hour ago, I was just leaving work, and I was at the roundabout about to head to my next meeting, and a voice in my head said, “Go and see your sister”. So I cancelled the appointment and took the ten-mile detour, and here I am! How are you?”

Later, I walked in to find my uncle and my mother hugging in the kitchen, laughing and reminiscing. I am in no doubt that that visit saved her life.

spirit guides and angels

My own salvation came some years earlier. I was four.

One quiet afternoon, I was in the house with my Mum, who had gone upstairs. Whilst playing with a jar of magnetic letters in the living room; I suddenly felt hungry and made my way to the kitchen. But as I tried to cross the threshold, someone was holding me back by my shoulders. No matter how hard I tried to wriggle free; I couldn’t move. Angrily I turned around to see who was gripping me.

No one was there.

A second later, the most almighty crash deafened my ears. In front of me lay the kitchen cupboard, which had come loose from the wall. Smashed on the patched lino floor was every cup, glass, plate and bowl we owned. Had I been a step further forward, I would have been killed – crushed by the cabinets and falling porcelain.

“It saddens me to think so many people are dissuaded from having confidence in such things.”

My mother came hurtling down the stairs. Later on, once our shock had died down and the debris cleared away, I explained what had happened, and my mother began to cry. Not only because of my near miss, but also in gratitude to my Granddad, who had died seven years previously and whom she believed had held me back and protected me from death.

I feel very blessed that my mother encouraged my sister and to believe in Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, and to maintain this connection throughout our lives, which we have done. It saddens me to think so many people are dissuaded from having confidence in such things, when such rich guidance and protection is available to us all, if only we ask.

I’m so thankful to Fiongal of The Wellness Foundry to allow me to share these stories, because, just like my mum did with me from such a young age, I might inspire others to trust and believe.

Author: Claire Chilvers

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