Lockdown special: A practical, immersive workshop giving you the tools to cleanse stagnant energy of your home & maintain spiritual hygiene.

About this Event

The Lock-down Spiritual Survival Kit: Cleanse your House of Negative Energy

In these unprecedented times, we are offering the Ultimate Spiritual Survival Kit – ensuring that you, your relationships and your home stay harmonious and spiritually fed.

Fiongal, from The Wellness Foundry & Pixie, from Aho London, present a series of talks, practical exercises and meditations.

Space Clearing Masterclass – Cleanse your House of Negative Energies.

In these current circumstances, the space in which we live has become our whole world. The intense energies of boredom, restlessness, and the anxiety of not knowing what will happen next, can build up in our homes and magnify these feelings.

Learning how to cleanse your house of these imprints will have a dramatic improvement on the atmosphere in your living space and the well-being of the people and pets.

In this online workshop there will be:

+ Brief overview of how negative energies can build up in the home & how to recognize them

+ How to maintain good energetic hygiene

+ What geopathic, geopsychic & electromagnetic stress are and how to guard against them

+ How to protect yourself from harmful EMF

+ A powerful, follow-along, ritual to cleanse your space

+ Closing meditation for protection and grounding.

What to bring:

For this webinar please bring:

  1. A bowl of water
  2. A candle (placed on a plate for safety)
  3. A bowl or dish of earth, soil or salt
  4. A feather
  5. Sage or incense.
  6. Chimes, bells, a Tibetan singing bowl or rattle – improvise if you have none of these!

Donation Based:

In these current circumstances, we would like to offer you this workshop on a tiered donation basis as we know it will greatly help and assist people in these troubling times.

Free – NHS and front-line workers

Otherwise choose from: £10, £17 or £25

Fiongal Greenlaw, the founder of The Wellness Foundry, is a Tarot master, psychic & spiritual advisor. He has been listed in Time Out’s Top 7 Places to have a Tarot Reading. He has read for hundreds of clients as well as running events for corporate clients such as Harvey Nichols, L’Oréal, Crabtree & Evelyn and House of Hackney. Fiongal is the in-house tarot practitioner at LIFESPACE, Notting Hill.

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Pixie P Carney is a Psychic life guide, Tarot Advisor & Shamanic Healer. Pixie is from an ancient Irish linage of healers, medicine people & psychics. She has a weekly residency at ‘Mysteries’ in Covent Garden, and reads on Skype to a worldwide clientele. Pixie holds workshops and retreats and has worked with TV’s Made in Chelsea and Brits Awards 2020.