Join Jasmin Harsono of Emerald x Tiger and Fiongal Greenlaw of The Wellness Foundry for a rejuvenating and warming energy evening at the Crabtree & Evelyn Islington Townhouse.

To begin

Come and discover a unique tarot and yoga experience.

Using the first 12 archetypes of the Tarot’s Major Arcana as the guiding principle for the poses of our yoga sequence, we will embody each card. Thus taking us through a special yoga journey of relaxation, intuition and divine guidance.

You will be given your own personalized message from the tarot as well as connecting with your body.

You will then be guided through a special crystal-healing śavāsana/meditation.

Followed by

Reiki and Sonic healing.

Experience connecting to your inner heart. Give yourself space to move out of the busy mindset and drop into a relaxing and uplifting meditation.

Allowing your body to relax, soften and deepen. Any blockages will start to disperse enabling the mind, body and soul to flow freely as they are welcomed by the highest healing energy and vibrations of Reiki and Sound.

Together they will open up your intuition and all subconscious to your true self and bring peace within.

Both hosts will share Reiki as a group and one to one.

Jasmin will introduce majestic sonic sounds and soulful intuitive vocals. As the session draws to a close, you are invited to journal any thoughts, feelings and inspirations that arise. The space opens up for us all to sit and share whilst drinking some warming tea.


Please arrive on time. Please make sure to use the toilet before you arrive. Please turn mobile devices onto silent or airport mode. Bring along a notepad and pen for the end of meditation journalling.

Reiki and Sound are deeply transformative, holistic healing therapies and spiritual pathways that channel energy through the aura, beautifully balancing and aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit. We are all connected to this powerful universal energy, that can support and guide you through your life’s journey.

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About Breathe Love

‘Breathe Love’ is a conscious creative collective of Emerald x Tiger. A gathering of a difference, awakened beings celebrating their creative energy and magical synergy with the element of oneness. Breathing love and sharing their power, wisdom and passions within.

About Emerald and Tiger

Emerald + Tiger is a conscious lifestyle brand promoting positive awareness through vibrant connection to body, mind and spirit. Founded by Jasmin Harsono, a Reiki Master, Sonic Artist and Intuitive Wellbeing Guide, our community shares a wealth of healing experience in all we do giving you transformational tools that you can call on at any time. We offer one to one guidance, group workshops, events, retreats and products each fusing the synergies of modern life, conscious living and ancient practices such as reiki and sonic meditation to help you tap into your true self and heal from within.

About Wellness Foundry

Founded by Fiongal Greenlaw. The Wellness Foundry welcomes people who seek a more enlightened path to recovery and healing. The Wellness Foundry welcomes people who seek a more enlightened path to recovery and healing. Fiongal is a yoga teacher, tarot reader and Reiki healer, who helps people to overcome challenges, feel empowered and move forward with clarity. Offering 1-2-1 sittings and healing as well as a range of informative workshops and nourishing retreats. All to answer the great question: What do I need to know about myself, right now?

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