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What is a professional brith chart reading?

Your Birth Chart is a picture of the sky, as it was when your Soul entered this earth. It shows where every planet was situated and provides an insightful map of the gifts and challenges that you will encounter throughout your life. Armed with this information, you can answer questions such as:

  • “Can I feel a greater sense of who I am”?
  • “What am I to learn from this event/situation?”
  • “Why do I keep finding myself in this situation?”
  • “How do I see new ways to overcome challenges?”

A general astrology birth reading covers your chart as a whole and provides insights into all areas, including relationships, career, purpose, money, karmic patterns, and soul lessons. Otherwise, the astrologer will be intuitively guided to the information that is the most important for you to receive at the time.

What are the benefits of an astrology reading?

Learning your Astrological placements is extremely validating, because it points to the energies that play out in our choices and experiences.
After all, we are all made of stars.

An astrology birth chart reading can be a key to self-awareness and understanding your lived experience.

The most accurate birth chart reading requires an exact birth time. However, a birth chart can still be created with an estimated time or no birth time. Please enquire for more details.

Sessions are held in person in London or virtually via Zoom.

Incredibly insightful astrology reading experience!

Alice’s depth of detail and intuitive understanding of the celestial bodies and houses left me speechless. With a clear delivery and straightforward explanation, even the more intimidating aspects of my chart were easy to comprehend.

The reading was far beyond my expectations. Alice not only explained the nuances of my birth chart but also provided practical guidance on how to navigate various aspects of my life.

Mina, U.K.

My natal chart reading with Alice was so easy to follow.

It honestly felt like an uplifting pep talk with all the positive parts of myself that I needed reminding of being highlighted, showing me I can go for exactly what I’ve always wanted to do!

It was very cathartic and spot on accurate, which still amazes me!

Naomi, Kilburn, U.K.

Meet Your Astrologist

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Meet Your Astrologer

Alice is an astrologist and Tarot reader. She practises ancient Hellenistic astrology, which is closely linked to the archetypal planetary meanings and methods that were used in ancient Greece. 

Having studied with the renowned astrologer Adam Elenbaas at the NightLight Astrology  to professional level, Alice has a breadth of knowledge and insight to share with you.



Is this the same as newspaper horoscopes?

No. While the kinds of horoscopes you find in newspapers and magazines are often written by Astrologers, they are usually based on your Sun sign which is only a very small component of your chart. This is why you might find they never resonate with you. A birth chart looks at all planets and the relationship between all planets, specific to you and the time you were born.

On what information is the birth chart based?

An astrological birth chart is based on your date, time, and location of birth.

My star sign never resonated with me, why should I get reading?

Your "star" sign is based on the Zodiac sign the sun was in at the time you were born, but there are many other factors involved. The position of every planet in the sky at the time you were born all play a part in the story of who you are.

Is it really possible that what the planets are doing affects our personalities and what is happening in our lives?

Considering that the moon controls the ocean tides, yes! As above, so below.

Will you be able to tell me what is going to happen in my life and when?

Astrology isn't "fortune-telling". However, if I do look at your progressions, I can give you an idea of some themes that might be on the horizon for you.

What is the difference between seeing an astrologer and booking a psychic?

Astrology is more technical than intuitive work, but intuition plays a big part in what I'm drawn to in a chart and the information that I feel is important to give to my clients. Some psychics are astrologers, but not all astrologers are psychics.

I was born via planned C-Section, does that make my birth information less potent?

No, not at all; your Soul chose exactly when to arrive on the Earth plane, regardless of whether you were early, late, planned, or spontaneous.

Why is birth time so important?

While it won't make a difference to your Sun sign, the sky is in constant motion so it will effects what your chart says about the relationship between the planets. Also, your rising sign (which changes every 2 hours or so) sets the houses in your chart, which is the foundation of your chart.

So, doesn't that mean someone born at the same time in the same hospital, would have an identical chart, personality and life events as me?

This question comes up a lot! There are so many variables, such as our home environment, the people we are around, that also influences and shapes us.

What about twins?

While they might be similar, each twin will have a different soul, with a different soul contract, different Karma and Dharma, and past life experiences. This will affect their behavioural patterns and how they choose to express themselves and interpret their experience in this lifetime.

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