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Quiz: Am I Grounded?

This quiz is designed to help you determine “Am I grounded?” and centred you are in your daily life.


What is Grounding?

Being grounded means you are connected to yourself, your emotions, and the world around you. As a result, when you are grounded, you have the tools to handle stress and challenges, make decisions, and form healthy relationships with others.

Also, grounding is the bedrock of all intuitive practices; and without it, you cannot perform safe and consistent spiritual and psychic development. So, it’s essential to know where you are.


Why is Grounding Important?

It can be challenging to remain connected to yourself with the modern-day demands we face. Especially as the world seems to be getting ever faster, and we’re constantly “plugged in” to our phones, TV or social media.

Additionally, grounding is particularly hard when we are in emotional, mental, or spiritual pain or trauma of some sort. We don’t want to sit with our pain, as we don’t want to feel our emotions. Instead, we want to disconnect–an avoidance and denial tactic that makes us feel safe but doesn’t work in the long run.


What are some signs of not being grounded?

The symptoms of ungroundedness show themselves in many ways, and it can adversely affect your spiritual, emotional and mental health.


The Quiz

This quiz consists of eight questions to help you assess how grounded am I? Just answer as honestly as you can. Based on your answers, we will give you a personalised result that will help you understand how grounded you are, as well as provide you with practical tips and resources to help you become more grounded and centred.

Knowing how grounded you are helps you understand what adjustments you need to make, which will positively affect your life.


So, are you ready to discover how grounded you are? Take our quiz now and find out!

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