Hello, I’m Fiongal

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I set up The Wellness Foundry to help others find the answers, reassurance and healing they need on their life’s path…

Previously, I worked as a fashion designer for over eight years, heading up design houses in London and overseas. My health, both mental and physical, hit crisis point because of the pressure I was putting on myself. This stress reached its lowest ebb when I was hospitalized for five days. My symptoms couldn’t be diagnosed by doctors, nor treated by conventional medicine.

Desperate for an alternative result, I began a journey to find a solution to my condition. Starting with acupuncture, then discovering Reiki and yoga, this led me to further spiritual and psychic exploration.

The relief I felt from these practices was so great, and transformation so complete, I was driven to share these discoveries with others. That is why I set up The Wellness Foundry, London in 2018. Since then I’ve now treated hundreds of clients, offering Tarot readings, Past Life Regressions and Intuitive Guidance. In addition, I run several Intuitive Development Groups, as well other sold-out workshops, masterclasses and retreats and events. I now finally feel as though I have aligned with my life’s purpose: to help others on their journey.

Here I welcome people who seek a more enlightened path to recovery and healing.

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Training & Skills

college of psychic studies

2020 ~ Present Psychic Development (Professional Level) – Gary Wright, College of Psychic Studies

2018 ~ 2020 Psychic Development (Advanced)Gary Wright, College of Psychic Studies

2018 Past Life Regression TherapyGateway Workshops

2018 Usui & Holy Fire: Reiki 2Sushma Sagar, The Calmery

2017~2018 Transformational Truth of TarotTiffany Crosara

2017 Usui & Holy Fire: Reiki 1Sushma Sagar, The Calmery

2016 Yoga TTC – Sivananda, India

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Signing up to a newsletter isn't a big deal. Transforming your life is.

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