Psychic Development tips: 7 Powerful Ways to Tap into Your Intuition and Learn to Trust It

Intuition is not the easiest thing for us to tap into when learning psychic development. Unfortunately, we’re far more likely to value logic, theory, and intelligence over our own intuition. This reliance on critical thinking does mean we have more ways to be more innovative, do better work, be more productive, and apply more knowledge, but when it comes to strengthening our intuition, we have fewer options. So how can we develop intuitively and tap into our intuition and learn to trust it?

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1. Understand the Fundamentals of Psychic Development

It’s important to understand what intuition is & know what the signs of a spiritually awakening are.

Intuition is guidance that comes from something other than our intelligent reasoning. It’s instinct or insight beyond problem-solving or logical understanding. It is an inner knowing, without rational recourse, of something to be right and true or wrong and unhelpful. Intuition serves all of us, every day. And it can present itself in many ways: a sense of caution; a feeling that something isn’t quite right; someone needs a hand; or reading of little signs that point us on how to act. Gut feelings. Love at first sight. You feel like you’re being pulled in a particular direction, however seemingly random. You feel a sense of being guided to do something your soul needs rather than what your ego wants.

Yet, in my culture, reasoning and intelligence are often valued over and above intuition. And I see and hear rising anxiety, problems sleeping and difficulty making decisions. And a general sense of ‘there’s more going on here’. Knowing what intuition is helps you identify when a feeling you get is either your ego mind’s unwarranted judgements or something else.

2. Know Yourself, Treat Yourself, Trust Yourself


Know and Understand Yourself

  • Be clear about your motivations for developing your intuition: Is it because you want to protect yourself? Be better informed to make better decisions? Do you feel called to help heal the collective? Do you think it’s aligned with your self-purpose? Is it to connect with your Ancestors and your heritage? Once you identify your why it’ll help you stay focused on how to develop your intuitive self.
  • Know what’s blocking you: fear, a tendency to be overly logical, overthinking, over-rationalising to justify all of your actions, and early childhood programming are all possible reasons that your intuition isn’t flowing as it should. Recognising these blocks and having an honest conversation with yourself about where they come from will help you start to shift them.
  • Get to know your body: Learn what your gut feeling feels like for you (everyone is different). Know where your intuition presents itself in your physical body. What physical sensations do you feel: tingling, warmth, heat, a tug in your stomach, shivers down the spine? These are sometimes the best indicators that your intuition is trying to tell you something.
  • What emotions do you associate with intuitive downloads: Ask yourself how you feel when you receive these insights? Do you feel confident, calm, or light? Of course, our intuition can sometimes make us uncomfortable, too–it warns us against making the wrong decision or avoiding a toxic relationship, so don’t always assume it’ll make you feel relaxed and happy.

Practise Self-Care (How to Raise Your Vibration)

  • Improve your sleep quality: Improving your sleep quality gives your brain some well-needed rest time. Good quality sleep can also invite intuitive insights via dreams.
  • Practice self-love in its truest sense: Loving and accepting yourself for who you are is vital in connecting with your intuition. A lack of self-worth can make you feel fragmented, and you’ll have a more challenging time connecting with your intuition as your vibration stays low. “Self-love” is not about loving yourself blindly; it’s about loving yourself unconditionally, limiting unconstructive input on your self-perception, while being open to self-improvement. Self-acceptance takes time. It won’t happen overnight; it’s a process.
  • Treat your body (and mind) well: Avoid “short-cut” substances such as alcohol and drugs as they can cloud your judgement and confuse you. Substances can open portals and invite unwanted energies. It’s essential to filter out the sources of the information you receive.


  • Become an overall trustworthy person, outwardly and inwardly. Do not lie, not even white lies or little fibs. Train yourself to tell the truth to others in a gentle way. Only by ensuring that you can trust yourself can you truly trust your own intuition. Always be honest with yourself and others, and don’t betray yourself.
  • Practice accepting ideas that go against your ego. You can practice this by doing free-flow journaling or doing “self-discovery” Tarot readings yourself. Accept your deepest, most honest feelings. Acknowledge that it’s okay to feel the way you do. Learn to accept what the cards are telling you about yourself. Understand that none of us is perfect, but we can all heal and strive to be better.
  • Work out problems independently. An excellent way to train your self-trust is by going within before seeking help from others. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, but if it’s not urgent, why not use it as an opportunity to develop your intuition?

3. Be open, receptive, and stop doubting yourself.

  • Acknowledge when you think you’re getting an intuitive download. Take a moment to take it on, and thank Spirit, your Guides and Ancestors, and the Universe.
  • Connect with your Spirit Team. Get to know who they are and learn what you can do to communicate with them.
  • Focus on the journey rather than the destination. Rather than aiming to have super psychic abilities, enjoy the learning process. Know that seeing synchronicities or angel numbers – as inconsequential as they may seem – can have meaning too. Just because you’re not working as a healer doesn’t mean you’re not contributing anything to humanity’s collective.
  • One of the most important things to do with your intuition is act on the guidance it provides you. Your intuition relies on you trusting it. If you don’t, you’re effectively saying to your intuition (and ultimately yourself), ‘I don’t believe what you’re telling me’. Eventually, you’ll find that your intuition becomes silent. Why would it bother trying to communicate with you if you never do anything to change your circumstances?
  • Focus your mind on the positive. Understand that as a matter of mindset, your intentions are actioned prayers. You can inadvertently manifest things—good or bad. By continuously doubting yourself, you can accidentally manifest a reality where you do have a legitimate reason to question yourself. Therefore, manifest a reality where your intuition is always on-point by concentrating on the good in your life.

4. Quieten your mind, meditate and listen

Have trouble sitting still? Feel as if there’s something to ‘work out’ before you can rest? Mind too busy to focus? These can all be signs of a disconnect from intuition. We are asking our logical brains to do the work of the intuitive mind – the guide that brings peace, contentment and knowing that we are on track. Here are some ways to centre and ground yourself:

  • Declutter your mind: Do a stream of consciousness “brain-dump” exercise regularly. Even better if you can do ‘morning pages’ every day.
  • Disconnect with the outside world to reconnect with your inner world: Go on a digital detox. You can go on a self-imposed social media hiatus, even if it’s just one day a week, or go on a retreat over a weekend.
  • Meditation and breath work: Stillness and the ability to present are vital in quieting your mind and becoming receptive to intuitive insights. If you’re having trouble focusing, join a meditation group or yoga class.
  • Invite insight: Learn to listen. Ask questions to the Universe, Spirit, and your Spirit Team. Keep practising access, be open to receiving, and invite in that information.

5. Document your journey

  • Keep records and take notes of insights you have. These can be signs, songs, angel numbers, hearing a phrase in your ears, or visions in your mind’s eye. If you had an uneasy feeling about an individual, but your friends and family dismissed your concerns, write it down in a journal, and see later whether your nervousness about that person was justified.
  • Keep a dream journal. Keeping a dream journal can help you learn how to distinguish your subconscious’ “stress dreams” from prophetic dreams, astral travel dreams, and messages from your Guides and Ancestors. As you begin to have more vivid and cinematic dreams, write your dreams down and take note when they turn out to be prophetic.
  • Pay attention to patterns and document manifestations. Do you see your dreams coming true? Did that person who gave you an uneasy feeling finally reveal their true colours? Take note. Journal all the times you were right, and learn from the times you were wrong.
  • Accept creative downloads: One of the signs of Spiritual Awakening is seeing your creativity sparked. You’ll feel inspired to do new things, create differently, and express yourself artistically. Accept these creative downloads and use them. Don’t take them for granted.

6. Find your spiritual tribe

The next step is finding your tribe:

  • Identify positive people to guide you on your journey. Find those with whom you can share your gifts. For example, why not join our Psychic Development Course? Or use your intuition to help your friends and family and ask for feedback.
  • Distance yourself from less-than-supportive people. Not only should you find like-minded individuals, but it’s also okay to distance yourself from less supportive individuals. Being around non-believers who dismiss your beliefs may dissuade you and hinder your growth. It doesn’t mean you should label them as “bad” people, they’re just not on the same path, and perhaps they’re not ready. You don’t need to completely cut them off and stop inviting them over for dinners; avoid allowing them to throw you off track.
  • Don’t force it. Don’t force yourself to fit into groups where you don’t feel comfortable; if it doesn’t feel right, you don’t need to stick around. You will meet your tribe when you’re ready. Until you find your soul family, you can keep a physical reminder as a prompt to keep working on your intuition. This memento could be anything from a piece of jewellery, a crystal you carry in your pocket, or an inspiring quote on your mobile phone’s wallpaper.
  • Build your library of knowledge. Read books by spiritualists and gurus. Sign up for spiritual newsletters that can help keep you on track. Follow YouTube channels and social media accounts that resonate with you. For example, are you following us on Instagram?

7. Keep practising

Getting it right can require a lot of practice; your intuition is a “spiritual muscle”, and like any muscle, needs regular working out. To train your abilities, you should:

  • Regularly invite intuitive downloads.
  • Ask the Universe specific questions.
  • Being receptive to answers and accepting insights that you would rather not hear but were sent to you for your higher good.
  • Ensure you’re filtering out what feels came from a ‘right’ source.
  • Connect with your Spirit Team. What is a Spirit Team?
  • Solving your own problems before you ask for assistance from others.
  • Lending your gifts to help others solve their problems and being open to feedback.
  • Having the courage to act on your hunches and take risks.
  • Test yourself by practising your intuition on world events and public figures.

Intuition can seem a mysterious concept to many of us. So, come and join the Psychic Development Course, our intuitive development group, to find your soul family:

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