Springtime is just around the corner, and with it comes the inevitable Spring Clean. But this is not merely a process of dusting down drapes and furniture, decluttering and cleaning is a straightforward and effective way of improving the energy in a room and cleanse your house.

There are, however, also simple rituals to wholly transform the energetic quality of your home, which I have outlined below for you.

This ceremony is particularly powerful around spring as mirrors the seasonal arrival of the new. Secondly, you should also consider it when moving into a new property.

What is more, the following ritual is what I use for clients when they ask me to cleanse their homes of any energies or spirits (i.e. ghosts) that do not belong.

To get started, choose at least one item from each of the 6 categories:

1. Sound instruments: Bells of any kind, Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, handheld chimes, rain sticks, clap sticks, chimes, drums, gongs or harmony balls, or even a pan and a spoon. Your own voice is also just fine. If you don’t have an instrument with you, then clapping will work.

2. Earth: Pine needles, a plate of soil or salt.

3. Air: Sage or Incense –The Wellness Foundry’s Space Clearing Incense is specially crafted for this purpose. Available to purchase here.

4. Holy water: You can make your own by taking purified water, putting it in a bowl, adding your prayers, healing intention, a crystal, and letting it sit overnight in the elements.

5. Fire: Candles are the best source (placed on a plate for safety).

6. Nature: I float flowers in a bowl of water, add a drop of holy water and put one in each room (you can add stones, rice, a crystal, etc.).

how to cleanse your home without sage

7 Simple Steps to Cleansing the Energy in your Home:

The precursor to this ritual is to thoroughly clean and declutter your space (as mentioned above). You also want to take a shower that morning and make sure to take another one that evening. If you can’t do that, at least wash your hands thoroughly before and after.
Then open the windows to let the old energies out. Windows must be open. Try to do this during the day as well and not at night.

1. Create an ‘altar’ in every room: adding fire (votive candles are the best as tapers can fall over), something from nature, such as your bowl of flowers and/or incense. You might want to sprinkle a little rock salt in every room. This altar allows the intention and new energies to have an anchor of sorts.

You can also decorate the space with colours. You can use your intuition for what hue the room/house needs, or base it on chakra colours, etc. (I tend to use white as it encompasses all shades).

2. Call in your guides: These are the personal guides, angels, deities that have meaning to you. Ask for assistance and protection in clearing out the old energies and bringing in the new. Try to say a prayer — maybe have it written out beforehand or just see what arises – again whatever feels right.

“I now let go of old stuck energy from my home and life and invite in new opportunities beginnings.”

3. Ground yourself: You can do this by closing your eyes and visualizing huge roots going down into the earth from your feet and attaching to a huge ore of iron at the centre of the earth. (Click here to read my Ultimate Grounding Guide).

4. Set your intention: Be clear about what it is you intend, for example, “I now let go of old stuck energy from my home and life and invite in new opportunities beginnings.” Connect with your intuition, add any specifics of what you want to let go and invite.

how to cleanse your house with salt

5. Use your sound instruments to do a deep cleanse: Once your altars are set, start at the front door and walk around counter-clockwise. Clapping, singing, or clanging your instrument; move up and down the walls; get into the corners; under and behind furniture. Do this with the intention of clearing out all past energies that no longer serve. Ask that those unbalanced energies be transmuted to the violet fire. Concentrate on areas of ‘thick’ stagnate energy or where any discord might be felt.

Sage on its own does not cleanse…

6. Now that you have loosened the stuck energies: smooth it out using an instrument that is soothing, such as a Tibetan Bowl, harmony balls, rain sticks, hand-held chimes, I tend to play music as well. If you do not have access to any of these things, simply use the Gayatri mantra or the sacred sound of OM. And use your No. 2 Space Clearing incense or smudge stick. But, contrary to what most people think incense and sage on their own do not cleanse – instead, we need to work with intention, you, therefore, need to direct the energy away after smudging, something like, “I send any negative energy back to Source, where they can be transmuted into their highest potential for the good of Mother Earth and the Universe.”

Again start at the front door, but this time travel clockwise. I stand in the middle of each room, and as I am smoothing the energies, I intend with gratitude all of the new things that I want to bring into my life and welcome them into my home for the new year (Springtime). Then I go to each corner, walls, etc. with the No. 2 Space Clearing incense or smudge stick – ensure that windows are open and/or the fans are on.

7. Complete each room with intention: bringing in Reiki or envisioning white light, seal the space and ask that the new energies be held. Go back to the front door, thank your guides and release them. Then carry the vision clearly throughout the day.

Any questions? Please say: hello@wellnessfoundry.co.uk.

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