“What does that mean?” – Easy fixes to overcome difficult messages and become a better Tarot reader and psychic.

Sometimes, when you’re doing a reading, either for yourself, friends or a client, you receive guidance or a message, ever find yourself thinking, “What does that mean?” You’re not alone! Feeling stuck happens to all of us.

So, to help you overcome these situations, here are my top 6 ways to get accurate messages, take your intuitive abilities to the next level and become a better Tarot reader and psychic!

1. Stay grounded!

Often when we get flustered or confused, it tends to throw ourselves out of our centre, and we can get stuck in our heads. Therefore, focus on your grounding; you can reconnect with the body – especially the soles of your feet – or focus on your breath. Once you’re more settled, try to intuit the information again.

2. Ask!

Sometimes the simplest things to do is to ask for the answer, either out loud or internally. Usually, we assume that we need to ‘figure’ out the solution or answer, whereas, it can be simple as “What does that mean?” Consequently, if we ask, nine times out of ten, the message will simply ‘drop in’. Alternatively, you can silently petition your guides, to “Give me more”, and almost always they will. Interestingly enough, feeling stuck or lost can be the answer.
For example, many times in my readings, I ask my Guides, “What do they do for work?” several times and no answer comes. Then, when I ask my client directly what’s their job, they reply, “Oh, I’m out of work at the moment”; I was being given the reply all along, I was just panicking and therefore not listening!

3. Keep it simple!

There are so many times that I’ve been given a message in a reading but haven’t said it to a client because I don’t understand it myself. Only to find out later that it was entirely correct! These are the times I really could kick myself.
We can so quickly over-complicate things in our readings when all we need to do is say what we are sensing.
For instance, I remember one time saying to a client, “I don’t know why, but my guides are showing me a crab salad”, only to have my client nearly fall off their chair, exclaiming, “That’s what I’ve just had for lunch!”
better tarot reader

4. Sense it in another way:

God gave us five physical senses and eight psychic senses for a reason! If you do not understand a piece of information that you’re intuiting, ask for it as a symbol, a feeling or a word. You’d be amazed at how easily the clear message comes. This is key to becoming a better Tarot reader or psychic.

There are eight categories of psychic sensing, known as the ‘clairs’ from the french word meaning, ‘clear’. The main three are:

  1. Clairvoyance | ‘Clear seeing.’
  2. Clairsentience | ‘Clear feeling.’
  3. Clairaudience | ‘Clear hearing.’

There is also Clairalience ‘clear smelling’, Clairgustance ‘clear tasting’, Claircognizance meaning ‘clear knowing’, Clairtangency ‘clear touch’ and Clairempathy ‘clear emotions’ (To read more about the clairs, click here)

Call on all of these to strengthen the message you are receiving.

5. Leave it for a while:

The problem with our modern ‘delivered in less than 24hour’ Amazon culture is we expect everything immediately. Yet intuition doesn’t necessarily work straight away. Even in my readings, when I receive a message I don’t quite get, I say, “I’ll leave that for now and come back to it”, and when I do it often unlocks. When we struggle over things, they usually just get more fraught and opaque.

6. Cultivate more stillness:

Our intuition and psychic sense can only speak to us when we are quiet and relaxed. Otherwise, the ‘monkey-mind chatter’ is obscuring the information that is trying to arise. If this is happening, just take a few minutes in meditation, getting yourself into more of a receptive state.

Does that help? What methods do you use become a better Tarot reader or psychic? Leave it in the comments below.